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Sanathana Sai Sanjeevini......healing fragrances
A spiritual healing system to awaken the body's own healing power


July '96 Newsletter


              Prayer for Harmony
                For your Sanjeevini Kitchen
                Piece by P.E.A.C.E.



 Om saha naavavatu saha nau bhunaktu
Saha viryam karvaavahai,
Tejasvinaavadhtamastu maa vidvishaavahai,
Om Shantih... Shantih... Shantih...


 May the Lord protect us (by revealing Knowledge)
May He nourish us.
May we work together with great vigour
May we acquire brilliance of intellect through our studies.
May we never misunderstand each other.
Om Peace! Peace! Peace!




Dear sisters and brothers:                                                                                                                       July 1996

Our most humble pranaams at the Lotus Feet of Bhagavan Baba and loving greetings to all of you.

Selfless, desire less, loving seva - in other words - "Nishkama" seva is perhaps the greatest purifier of all. We often hear the refrain from healers at seminars "I will use the Sanjeevinis on myself first, treat all my ailments first, and then start the seva". To them we always say that although it is a noble sentiment that you do not wish to use something on others without first experimenting on yourself, the truth is that your own ailments will vanish or will appear ridiculously petty when you begin to serve and observe the suffering around you. Seva, the great purifier, heals at the physical level too and through helping to heal others, you too are healed.

Two questions are being asked by many healers - not so much for their own information but in order to be accurate in providing information to other healers who are being trained by them in workshops, seminars etc. The questions are (a) does this system have Swamy's blessing; and (b) how did the Sanjeevinis originate.

For over 16 years now we have had the opportunity to live and serve amongst people, most of who were not Sai devotees but if fact belonged to all faiths and religions and hailed from different countries. To us Sai is God incarnate, but we also love, respect, and serve all those who know nothing about Him and are following a different path to God. We also try to love, respect, and serve those who deny the very existence of God. It must be noted that the Sanjeevinis are being used not only by Sai devotees but also by a vast number of other Sadhakas all over the world who are attracted to this seva because of its simplicity, effectiveness and its spiritual base.

It is our belief that all healing takes place with the blessings and Grace of the Lord - whether it is through Ayurveda, Homoeopathy, Naturopathy, Allopathy, Vibro-healing, any other holistic system or the Sanathana Sai Sanjeevini healing fragrances.

If there is any doubt about any system of healing it should be about its scope and its limitations.

The scope of the SS-Sanjeevinis is vast. We can pray to the Lord to heal ANY ailment whatsoever. The limitation of the system - if you can call it that - is one that all the healers love - the healing will take place only if the Lord wills. (Actually, this is true of all systems of healing - we just do not understand - we go from one hospital to the next but until He will our problems linger.)

Perhaps we need to introspect a bit - can something selfless, based on prayers, without harmful effect, given lovingly, shared lovingly, possibly NOT have His blessings?

The SS-Sanjeevinis are a Gift of Love from God for His entire creation including animals and plants (refer to Piece by P.E.A.C.E.). Use them lovingly and selflessly with an open heart (and mind) in a spirit of surrender and there is a good chance that you will experience the joy of witnessing the miracle of healing with His Love and Energy - like so many others have.

Now the other question - how did the Sanjeevinis originate?

In relating this "story" I wish to make it absolutely clear that I do not possess any "special" powers nor any special spiritual insights. Like everyone else I am only a sadhaka endeavouring to purify myself through this seva.

For many years I had been using radionically prepared remedies - vibrations of Homoeopathic remedies, Homoeopathic Mixtures (Mataji Narayani's system of healing), Bach Flowers, Gem remedies, Colour remedies, Chakras, Acupuncture Meridians and Points, Tissue Salts, Allopathic drugs, Ayurvedic remedies, herbs and much more, to treat all sorts of chronic ailments. (These were all prepared using Radionic instruments from England. Later the same instruments were also made in India.)

In 1993 we were guided to return to India (we had been living overseas for about 16 years). I have often been guided in dreams by Baba and I have always taken the dreams seriously and tried to follow the instructions provided and this guidance too came in a dream. I was told that our seva was needed in India and that we would be guided every step of the way - that all we had to do was follow this first instruction and everything else would follow.

Absolutely no guidance was provided on the type of seva that we would have to do. However, soon after our return to India there was a major earthquake at Latur in Maharashtra which devastated thousands of families. We felt a strong urge to reach out to these people. Although we still had not unpacked and settled down, we loaded our Radionic instruments, pills, bottles, 2 children and 2 dogs into a van and drove from Delhi to Latur, which was about 2000 kilometers away.

With His Grace we were able to serve over 10,000 people for shock and injury and various other ailments. In early November 1993, tired but full of joy we drove from Latur to Puttaparthi to "recharge" our spiritual batteries.

We intended to stay for 2 days but ended up being there for 20 days doing seva during the Birthday celebrations. The healing that we saw take place in those 20 days was beyond our wildest dreams. Since the healing was so quick and so VISIBLE a number of devotees expressed the desire to understand "how" we were healing.

We responded enthusiastically and again with His Grace were able to share our knowledge with many people through spontaneously arranged talks. The idea of this newsletter was born during that period.

After that for 6 to 8 months we travelled extensively all over India sharing the knowledge of healthful living and eating, and Mataji Narayani's Healing system with anyone who was interested in knowing. (We had simplified this system a great deal and narrowed it down to about 40 combinations.) At every seminar we held, there would be a person from another town requesting us to conduct a seminar in his town next and so it went on.

We soon realised that there were 2 major blocks that were stopping participants from becoming healers. Although almost everyone who came was able to understand and benefit from what we had to share with regard to diet and lifestyle, (we usually had about 100-200 people in each seminar), only about 10-15 percent of the participants took up the actual healing as a seva.

The first block was the difficulty of procuring Radionic instruments (the cost was prohibitive) and healers had to rely on others who had the instruments to provide them with remedies. Making villages and individual healers self-sufficient seemed a distant dream. The other was a block in the minds of people that since the majority of the remedies being used, although only being simulated radionically, were "homoeopathic", they needed a medical licence to do the seva. And certainly, it required some amount of study to reach any kind of proficiency.

So we prayed - light heartedly, tongue-in-cheek - with our limited intelligence, we prayed for a good hearted billionaire to come along and distribute free Radionic instruments to healers! We perhaps felt, at a subconscious level, that if the instruments were made available easily, the other mental block that people had about this being "homoeopathy" would eventually vanish.

We also prayed that healing should be simple, effective, without "pull-outs", and "free". We prayed that we should be able to teach it simply and others should further share it fearlessly without hindrance or hesitation.

We prayed for all this keeping in mind the system we were using and teaching - never for one moment dreaming that something NEW could be "invented"!

How the Lord must have wrung His hands in despair at our stupidity! How often we pray for specific things - as if we know what's best for us! ONLY HE KNOWS WHAT IS REALLY BEST!

Through a series of dreams starting in April 1994 I was guided step by step to the present stage of the system we call "Sanathana Sai Sanjeevini healing fragrances".

In the first dream in this series I was told to use the name "Sanjeevinis" for the radionically prepared remedies; then to use vibhuthi and drop the 3 " p's " - pills, potency and pathy (we were using the word vibropathy, and which we then changed to vibro-healing). Soon after this came the revelation in the next dream that this whole system would have to be dropped and a new system would have to be made by me consisting of Body Part Sanjeevinis and Diseases Sanjeevinis. This was in July 1994. In the same dream I was told that I would have to keep it so simple that the common man on the street could use it.

Since I had been using the Rae Body Part cards, I presumed He wanted me to make Sanjeevinis for those Body Parts. However, the next morning when I pulled out the list of the Rae Body Parts I realised I had misunderstood something - because these were anything but simple! So I just gave up, hoping He would guide me again. He did - that very night - called me "stupid" and said I wasn't as smart as I thought I was! He then went on to explain that He meant Body Parts as understood by the common man - hand, leg, eye etc.

This was followed by the basic pattern for the new Sanjeevinis - the nine petalled lotus. Then came the full name of the system "Sanathana Sai Sanjeevini healing fragrances" together with the explanation of the name. In these dreams, the entire knowledge was revealed on how to make the cards, the most important aspect being the "prayer". Since I had a homoeopathic bent of mind, I was told that I would have to pray, not for the healing power of homoeopathic remedies but for God's healing energy to be harnessed in the Sanjeevinis, for, His Energy comprises all healing forces - past, present and future. The only thing I was not told was which specific Body Part Sanjeevinis and Disease Sanjeevinis had to be made. But He had said "I will guide" so I surrendered.

Next came the information that "Vibro-healing" now had to become "Healing with Prayers". At each step I was told that further guidance would come when the time was right. This whole process took about 8 months - April 1994 to November 1994 - 8 months of joy and sorrow, tears and laughter, heartache and happiness - the most "unreal" 8 months imaginable.

Then suddenly, on November 9, 1994, the day it all finally came together - we received calls from many healers who were using the Radionically prepared homoeopathy-based remedies. These healers were as far apart as Delhi, Bombay, and the Middle East. Each one was at his or her wits' end - the remedies, they said, had stopped working for some diseases! This was obviously a Leela! A temporary shut down of Healing Grace to convey a message! It was as clear as daylight that this was the final signal I had been told to wait for. It was time to make the Sanjeevini cards.

As mentioned earlier, upto this point I had been given guidance on every bit of the procedure except which Diseases and Body Parts to make Sanjeevinis for. On that day, as each healer called I just kept noting down the diseases together with affected body parts. I worked day and night for 2 days and unbelievably, 48 hours later 144 Sanjeevini Master cards were ready. From these we prepared samples and rushed them to the healers. The effect was electric! The healing was almost immediate in the most desperate cases.

The rest is history. 54 Sanjeevinis were added in April 1995, 6 more in July 1995 and another 6 are now being added with this issue of the newsletter. 2 more - Poisoning (all types) Sanjeevini and Examination Stress Sanjeevini are in the pipeline. As soon as we have 6 new Sanjeevinis we will get these printed.

Many healers had requested for a Whole Body Sanjeevini. The indication to me was always "NO".  I ask for guidance but always He chooses the time.

Sometime later the Whole Body Sanjeevini (the 3 petalled lotus) materialised on one of Swamy's pictures (looked like dried up Amrit) in our home. It was there for over 2 months and we did not know what it meant until I was again guided on what it was. The day after we traced it out - it vanished as mysteriously as it had appeared.

In one Master stroke all blocks had been removed - no one need have any apprehensions about "Healing with Prayers" and because the Sanjeevinis can be made by simply keeping water (or vibhuthi or pills or food) on the printed patterns (no instruments are needed), healers. villages, villagers - all can be self-sufficient. To make the next person self sufficient all you have to do is photocopy the Sanjeevinis or give samples of Selected Sanjeevini Combinations together with a copy of Multiplication and Broadcasting Card.

Besides, the system is so simple that it needs almost no study whatsoever. It's we who are complicated. As one sister who attended a seminar in April 1995, writing to us from Germany says "... my own western thinking was still too complicated so I could not believe in the effect of the Sanjeevinis - so I didn't use them. I only started in April 1996 with wonderful results! There must be the right time and the right attitude towards GOD that makes thing work!"

As we joyfully recall the story of the Sanathana Sai Sanjeevinis, we are overwhelmed with a deep sense of loving gratitude to so many people - to those who fearlessly worked with us and shared with us the hope to make everyone self-reliant in matters of health and to those who in their intense desire to share knowledge of natural and spiritual healing with the masses, organised so many seminars and teaching sessions in all parts of the country.

Many more are being inspired to share knowledge of the Sanathana Sai Sanjeevinis in different parts of the world. We pray to the Lord to bless them all with His Love and Grace in their selfless seva to help relieve suffering.

Let us all open our hearts, our minds and our intellect to receive the Lord's Grace - It is unlimited and unstoppable!

Until the next time, may He hold you in His Love and Light,

With love and......healing fragrances,

In the service of the Lord,



In this column we will endeavour to answer your questions and doubts about the usage of Sanjeevinis and about healing in general.


Is it necessary to make colour photocopies of the Whole Body card, the Multiplication & Broadcasting card and the Neutralisation card?


No. Black and white photocopies are just as effective.


When we take photocopies of the Sanjeevini cards, some of the radii are broken or unclear. Does this matter?


No, not at all. In fact in the book, some cards have exactly this problem in the original itself. It is important to remember that the "prayer" that went to make the Sanjeevinis originally, emphasised that "this Sanjeevini would be known as ....... Sanjeevini under the Sanathana Sai Sanjeevini healing fragrances healing system". When the prayer was revealed, we did not understand the importance of these words. Now we do - just thinking about the Sanjeevini by its name would call upon the healing - lines or no lines, colour or no colour - the Lord's Healing Power knows no barriers.


Can we use the Neutralisation card to neutralise negative vibrations in pills, water, food etc.?


Yes, many people are already doing this. A wonderful idea come from a surgeon in Europe that drugs having side-effects, if they must be used, can be first placed on the Neutralisation card with a prayer to neutralise the negative side effects of the drug and then recharged with the relevant Sanjeevinis thus making the drugs doubly potent - all the while chanting your favourite prayer or mantra. 

This does not change the physical properties of the drugs or pills or water or food in any way - what it does is charge it with positive thoughts and prayers.


How long do we need to put a person on broadcast for distant healing?


For as long as it takes - i.e. until you hear from the patient that he or she is fully recovered.


How do we treat irritable bowel syndrome with the Sanjeevinis?


Use SSC 16(j) - Digestion Problems Combination (sub-combination Colitis). Do not forget fasting, fruits, lemon water with honey - all these are essential too. All animal products including dairy, to be removed.


How do we treat (a) Osteoporosis (b) Fungal Infections including Candida, (c) Herpes Simplex?


These are new Sanjeevinis being enclosed with this newsletter. Combine them with other relevant Sanjeevinis e.g. combine Osteoporosis Sanjeevini with Bone Sanjeevini and also add Cleansing Combination. 


Can we use the Sanjeevinis for animals?


Yes, of course - for plants too! We already have letters from healers confirming that they are using the Sanjeevinis very successfully with animals. Some details are given in the Piece by P.E.A.C.E. Also, some Sanjeevinis have now been made specifically for animals and are enclosed - Mange and Canine Distemper.


Can we enlarge the Sanjeevini cards?


Yes, you may enlarge the Sanjeevini cards. Many people have blown them up to a size where one can stand on the card - in such cases standing on the card for 1 to 3 minutes every day or less frequently, is the treatment.


Does the plain card without the radii with the nine lotus petals have any significance? 


Yes, we believe it does. Apart from the well known significance of a lotus and the importance of number 9 in spiritual life, I was recently guided in a dream that this basic pattern can also be enlarged and made into a seat to sit on while doing seva (e.g.. engraved into a marble or granite tile or embroidered onto a cushion cover). This, I was told, would ensure that all the channels of our spiritual endeavours would open up completely allowing us to receive and radiate His Grace more fully.


Is there any credibility to the theory of Food Combination?


Yes, we believe there is. But not exactly as being generally propounded. There is a  small difference - the emphasis in the West is to separate protein from starch - protein meaning animal protein and lentils, beans etc. Since we believe animal protein should not be part of our diet anyway, the question of combining it with anything does not arise. However, we know that the traditional diet of Indians has ALWAYS combined protein with starch - the protein being lentils, beans etc. Also buttermilk, which is an animal protein has always been combined with rice. 

What appears to be a contradiction between the existing theory of food combination and what we KNOW to be right from the Ayurvedic point of view is really quite simply explained by the usage of Indian spices which have subtle energies which can trigger off positive and dynamic digestive reactions. So a vegetarian combination which is causing a problem in food cooked the western way would be more easily digestible if cooked the Indian way. 

However, our research does show that the present generation of Indian children is beginning to show the same signs of intolerance to wrong combinations that we see in the western  population. Scores of mothers complain to us that "the child is fussy and will have only rice or only chapatti and will not have daal (lentils) with it". Further questioning shows that the child is quite happy to have the lentils separately at another meal. So, a natural instinct seems to be developing in children in India to combine "correctly". 

We believe this "devolution" is taking place because mothers in India have forgotten the art of cooking correctly. Cooking has become just another chore to be finished fast, with taste as the only criterion of quality. The correct usage of spices with different food to balance the doshas, usage of only seasonal vegetables and grains, the usage of only locally grown foods, the right time to eat different foods, adjustments due to climate - this knowledge is no longer passed on from parents to children. Science has become our God - the laboratory is our temple! 

Mothers, please make yourselves aware - do approach the elders in your family or neighbourhood and request them to share with you their secret knowledge. Do not take short cuts - the child's body and mind is built from the food you feed him or her. If that is deficient you have done nothing for them by simply building up bank balances. If their body and mind is sick no amount of wealth is going to help. 

Where combining fruits with other things there seems to be absolutely no doubt that fruit must be eaten alone on an empty stomach. Mixing it into a very diluted milk of nuts also seems to go down well. 

We are researching the subject of food combination very thoroughly and that is the reason that the book on doshas has been held up - the two must go together. We hope to have something for you soon.


In this column we hope to bring you healthful recipes and cooking tips. The traditional Indian way of cooking (NOT North-Indian cooking which has been greatly influenced by migrant populations and colonisers) was an art based on science experienced in the laboratory of the human body and mind over thousands of years. The use of selected spices is very important. Besides flavouring the food subtly they act on the digestive tract causing "unknown" forces of digestion to be released. These cannot be understood or "known" by our 5 senses of perception even under the microscope but are very apparent to anyone who wishes to experience them.

We have had a very good response from healers to the recipes in the book. We hope this one will also be useful.

We give you here a simple way of making "daal" or lentils which when combined with rice at lunch (basically before sunset) will not prove to be a wrong combination. When combined with chapatti, especially at night, Vata personalities or people with Vata disorders or those with digestive complaints may find it difficult to digest.


  • 1 cup daal washed thoroughly

(Daals to be used - either (a) split and washed mung, or (b) yellow lentils called arhar or thoor daal. this latter is the same as used for making South Indian sambhar.)

  • 3 cups of water for boiling the daal
  • salt to taste
  • Small piece ginger finely chopped
  • green chillies to taste (optional)
  • 1/2 tsp turmeric powder (haldi)
  • dash of pepper (this must be used if chillies are not being used)
  • small bunch of coriander leaves finely chopped (when in season)
  • few curry patta (also known as sweet neem leaves in some parts of India)
  • Juice of tamarind (lemon sized ball, washed, boiled for 5 minutes, strained)
  • 2 tablespoons pure ghee (made from milk whose source is impeccable) or unrefined sesame oil (gingelly or til oil)
  • 1/2 tsp cummin seeds (jeera)
  • 1/2 tsp fenugreek seeds (methi)
  • 1 good pinch asafoetida (hing)

 Method of cooking:

Boil daal with ginger, pepper or chillies until really soft (mung does not need a pressure cooker but arhar might need it if you are in a hurry - please do not use aluminium utensils). Add juice of tamarind and salt and more water to attain desired consistency. The more diluted it is, the more easily it is digested. With chapatti you will need it to be thick, with rice it can be rather thin.

Boil for further 5 minutes. Switch off the heat.

Heat oil or ghee in a small wok or karhai, add cummin seeds, wait 5 seconds and add fenugreek seeds, wait 10 seconds, add asafoetida and curry leaves. Quickly pour on the ready daal. Garnish with coriander leaves. Serve warm with parboiled rice or chapattis and a vegetable or salad.

Under no circumstances cook with tomatoes. Cooked tomatoes cause acidity. Uncooked ripe tomatoes may be used as salad.

Eat only about half stomach full for good health!

Piece by P.E.A.C.E.

(Protection of the Environment and All Creatures on Earth)

Compassionate Choices …...Peaceful Results

Dear Peacemakers, Sai Ram!

Mercy is a beautiful black and white female dog we have known for the past 3 years that we have been here. She has had 6 litters of puppies. She has always chosen her shelter in the deep recesses of a construction site and her pups have kept us on tenterhooks by constantly getting into tangles with wires and rods. Not one of Mercy's pups from her first 5 litters survived - she watched each of them go - either knocked down by trucks, or poisoned or taken away to the pound. But Mercy has somehow lived through it all. Last February ('96) she got herself a new partner - a jet black stray we had named Arjun. We had not the slightest inkling that Mercy was going to have babies again - she seemed quite normal. We were in for a surprise.

We mustn't forget to mention mercy's queenly airs. She has never allowed us to touch her till date. She's been nicknamed "Duchess" for her royal carriage and awesome grace!

One day in March, in the wee hours of the morning we heard piteous wails of a dog evidently in great pain. It was 1:00 a.m. Unable to ignore the desperate please for help, we took our flashlights and searched possible hidey holes. A watchman on duty said he had seen two black dogs pass by - one was limping and wailing and the other was nudging it on. MERCY AND ARJUN! We followed his directions - even got into the car and drove around the complex - but we just could not locate the source of the wailing.

We went back home - spent and dejected. At 6:00 in the morning we tried again - at the entrance of the half constructed underground parking lot stood Arjun. He whined and pawed as if to say "what took you so long?". He took us to Mercy - she was badly injured. Her back leg was broken in two with the broken end hanging loose. Her spine and tail were badly injured too. conditioned common sense said Mercy must be taken to the hospital. We tried - she wouldn't budge - Arjun too seemed to be telling us not to take her.

At that moment a worker came along with 6 puppies and declared that these were Mercy's new litter - less than 1 day old. That clinched it! Mercy would have to stay with her puppies. We made a cozy spot for her in a corner of the parking lot. She dragged herself to it and settled down with her babies. Twice a day we brought her food and water (containing the relevant Sanjeevinis). Faithful Arjun stayed by her side constantly.

A week later - only a week later - Mercy was jumping over 5 feet wide ditches with all the grace, strength and poise of before. Arjun has not left her since na done golden puppy from that litter even now goes with her everywhere. All the others have been adopted. Arjun was profuse in his thanks - Mercy hasn't even acknowledged our existence. Yet, there she is with no hint of disability and a Duchess through and through - that's joy enough for all of us!!

Let's introduce you to another family of strays - MESSIAH - a male brown and white mongrel (his great great grandfather must have been a collie); Daya (probably a distant cousin of Mercy); and Joy and Sophie their two puppies.

In May we decided to leave Joy and Sophie at an animal shelter for adoption. They love chasing cars and we did not want them to be run over. By the time we reached the shelter, both the puppies were foaming at the mouth. The vet's diagnosis was that they had been poisoned. We brought them back and left them with Daya - we felt she would be best able to take care of them. We put them on a Sanjeevini broadcast for Poisoning and 2 days later they were bounding around in their crazy way.

We also have a deep conviction that nature provides all the cures that her creatures need. We found that Joy and Sophie at about a kilo of clay each on returning from the shelter. Joy vomited it out and Sophie passed it out with her motions. Did the Calcium and other minerals in the clay help to antidote the poisoning? Possibly!

In early June Daya had developed some patches of mange on her back and Joy seemed to be following suit. Before we left for Puttaparthi in June, we put the family on a Sanjeevini broadcast for Mange. When we returned they were clear of all mange and continue to be so.

The Sanjeevinis are perfect for animals. already in tune with nature, the animals seem to receive the healing without any blocks and show miraculous results especially on broadcasts.

Mange in stray dogs is a big problem in India as you must have noticed. We believe lack of water is a cause. Dogs don't get enough water to drink, which causes their kidneys to become over burdened, which leaves the blood of the animal so toxic that the parasites find it hospitable. Do them a favour - put out a bowl of water for them to drink.

Working with nature awakens a feeling of oneness - the joy of being part of one big family of nature - Vasudhaiva Kutumbha - with the sky as our father and the earth as mother. We humans have moved away from this family; we've lost our healing abilities, our sense of intuition and above all we have lost respect for life.

Let us not get caught up in mundane mini-worlds of ours. Let us not forget that we are part of a bigger, brighter plan for this Planet. Let's work towards it with a heart full of compassion. Remember Compassionate choices bring PEACEful results. 

Until next time - make the PEACE!

With prayers for peace from the Group for P.E.A.C.E.

Healing with Prayers                                                                                                …offered in loving surrender