7.1      Introduction
7.2      Starting a healing centre
7.3      Healer’s Well being
7.4      Two ways of Giving Sanjeevini Remedies to Patients
7.5      Guidelines for streamlining the healing work at a Sanjeevini Seva Centre
7.6      Mobile Healing Centres
7.7      A Village must be made self - sufficient
7.8      Sharing the knowledge
7.9      Sanjeevini Seva with Sanjeevini healing broadcasts - Distance Healing
7.10    Sanjeevini Seva for Healing and Protection of all Beings affected in Calamities
7.11    Sanjeevini Seva for relief for victims of Draughts
7.12    Sanjeevini Seva for victims of Kidnapping
7.13    Sanjeevini Seva for Peace and Harmony between Nations at War
7.14    Sanjeevini Seva for Healing and Protection of people in Epidemic affected areas
7.15    Sanjeevini seva for social upliftment of underprivileged people
7.16    Sanjeevini Seva for purifying our Environment
7.17    Sanjeevini Seva for Auspicious results of Students appearing in Examinations
7.18    Sanjeevini Seva for Peace and Tranquility of departed Souls
7.19    Sanjeevini Seva with Sai Sanjeevini Tonic
7.20    Always keep in mind the purpose of the healing seva.
7.21    Sanjeevini healing seva as a means to Self-transformation

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There appear to be five types of healers using the Sai Sanjeevini healing system.

  1. Those who confine the healing work to themselves and their families alone.
  2. Those who are doing community seva, but operating from their homes without fixed timings and quite informally. The majority of healers fall into this category.
  3. Those who are running healing centres with prescribed timings.
  4. Those rare few - not content to sit and wait for patients to come to them, who take their vehicles or go by bus to nearby villages and slums and do the seva. These healer's usually have a strong urge to reach locations of  disasters or epidemics, no matter how far, to serve the affected people.
  5. Those who are focusing on distance healing by setting up Sanjeevini broadcasts for all cases referred to them as also for various calamities like earthquakes, floods, droughts, epidemics, pandemics, forest fires, accidents and for social diseases like corruption, dowry, exploitation, kidnapping, cruelty to animals, terrorism, conflicts and wars. Also setting up broadcasts for cultural and social upliftment of people, in particular the upliftment of under privileged who are deprived of basic necessities like, water, nourishing food, dignified housing, education.

Through our own experience and through the experience of other healers we find that although doing the healing work sitting at home is most convenient as a starting point, it can become a full time obsession which can drive the rest of the family quite crazy! In the interest of maintaining sanity all round it does become necessary at some point to lay down rules and regulations.

Whether you work from your own home, from a garage, from a school, from a community centre or from your car - you need to be organised.

Two tables (one for the healer and one for the person dispensing the Sanjeevinis), a few chairs, and simple racks or shelves within reaching distance of the dispensing table are a good starting point. (This does not apply to the "mobile" healer).


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