1.1         The Essence of Sanathana Sai Sanjeevini Healing
1.2         How effective is Sanjeevini Healing?
1.3         Experiences shared by Sanjeevini users from across the World
1.4         Who qualifies as a Healer?
1.5         You can never go wrong
1.6         Scope of Healing (range of Diseases/Conditions)
1.7         Are there any side effects? None! 
1.8         Community service with Sanjeevinis
1.9         Inner Evolution…through the Spirit of Surrender
1.10       Guidelines on Diet and Lifestyle for Health and Harmony

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With love, humility, gratitude and faith, we share below the experiences of a few Sanjeevini users.

Many dedicated Sanjeevini users of today were great skeptics to begin with. Since the healing energy of the system is completely spiritual (subtlest of the subtle), the whole system may sound far fetched or pure fiction to a rational, scientific, intelligent, thinking mind which has no experience of subtle energy healing.That is quite natural because how the Sanjeevinis healing prayers work cannot be explained or understood at the level of the senses or the mind or the intellect..The only way you can know whether the prayers based healing system works or not, is by using it.

Through one's personal experience alone one develops faith and conviction in the power of prayers.. Others testimonials can at best be an inspiration for getting started.

We would therefore suggest that you should gain experience by using the system for all kinds of problems – simple, acute and chronic.  Use the system for common colds, coughs, fevers, headaches. Use it for acute problems like severe pain, injury, bleeding; use it for chronic problems like Diabetes, Arthritis, Vision related problems; use the Sanjeevinis for mind related problems like anger, depression, hatred, greed; use these healing prayers for awakening and nourishing divine qualities like Truth, Forgiveness, Non-violence, Compassion, Humility.

Important Note of Caution: Please remeber that your professional doctor is your best guide for diagnosis and treatment of your medical problems. Sai Saanjeevini healing prayers are not a substitute for your medical doctor's diagnosis and treatment of your health related problems. Sanjeevinis are subtle healing vibrations of heart felt prayers and should always be taken along with any other medication prescribed by your Allopathic, Ayurvedic or Homeopathic Doctor.


Please click on the link below to read the Experiences of Healers from across the world.


Experiences of Healer's from across the world


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