7.1      Introduction
7.2      Starting a healing centre
7.3      Healer’s Well being
7.4      Two ways of Giving Sanjeevini Remedies to Patients
7.5      Guidelines for streamlining the healing work at a Sanjeevini Seva Centre
7.6      Mobile Healing Centres
7.7      A Village must be made self - sufficient
7.8      Sharing the knowledge
7.9      Sanjeevini Seva with Sanjeevini healing broadcasts - Distance Healing
7.10    Sanjeevini Seva for Healing and Protection of all Beings affected in Calamities
7.11    Sanjeevini Seva for relief for victims of Draughts
7.12    Sanjeevini Seva for victims of Kidnapping
7.13    Sanjeevini Seva for Peace and Harmony between Nations at War
7.14    Sanjeevini Seva for Healing and Protection of people in Epidemic affected areas
7.15    Sanjeevini seva for social upliftment of underprivileged people
7.16    Sanjeevini Seva for purifying our Environment
7.17    Sanjeevini Seva for Auspicious results of Students appearing in Examinations
7.18    Sanjeevini Seva for Peace and Tranquility of departed Souls
7.19    Sanjeevini Seva with Sai Sanjeevini Tonic
7.20    Always keep in mind the purpose of the healing seva.
7.21    Sanjeevini healing seva as a means to Self-transformation

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It is quite common for healers to fall into the "power trap". When a healer starts off with this work there is surrender - but, as healing begins to "happen", the ego takes over. There is elation and excitement. This leads healers to feel quite powerful. They then become very reluctant to share knowledge about the Sanjeevinis.

It is important therefore to take stock of ourselves on a daily basis. If you feel you are developing reluctance to share the knowledge, you could be falling into the "power trap". Since the purpose of this seva is primarily to purify ourselves (and cultivate egolessness), you should carefully weed out such tendencies and remember to remind yourself that only Divinity is the healer. The healer’s personal meditation/silence practice is invaluable for this. Please see Section 7.3.

Be eager to share the system with patients who have benefited and would now like to start the work themselves. Give them a copy or a photocopy of the book or at least the section on " SS - Body Parts and Diseases Sanjeevinis" and the Selected Sanjeevini Combinations.


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