7.1      Introduction
7.2      Starting a healing centre
7.3      Healer’s Well being
7.4      Two ways of Giving Sanjeevini Remedies to Patients
7.5      Guidelines for streamlining the healing work at a Sanjeevini Seva Centre
7.6      Mobile Healing Centres
7.7      A Village must be made self - sufficient
7.8      Sharing the knowledge
7.9      Sanjeevini Seva with Sanjeevini healing broadcasts - Distance Healing
7.10    Sanjeevini Seva for Healing and Protection of all Beings affected in Calamities
7.11    Sanjeevini Seva for relief for victims of Draughts
7.12    Sanjeevini Seva for victims of Kidnapping
7.13    Sanjeevini Seva for Peace and Harmony between Nations at War
7.14    Sanjeevini Seva for Healing and Protection of people in Epidemic affected areas
7.15    Sanjeevini seva for social upliftment of underprivileged people
7.16    Sanjeevini Seva for purifying our Environment
7.17    Sanjeevini Seva for Auspicious results of Students appearing in Examinations
7.18    Sanjeevini Seva for Peace and Tranquility of departed Souls
7.19    Sanjeevini Seva with Sai Sanjeevini Tonic
7.20    Always keep in mind the purpose of the healing seva.
7.21    Sanjeevini healing seva as a means to Self-transformation

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You must understand very clearly why you are doing this work. You are doing this work for your spiritual progress. The patient is none other than God in disguise come to give you an opportunity for self-purification by developing unconditional love for one and all through your selfless  seva.

All religions of the world are in agreement over one thing - that there is only one GOD, one Cosmic Source. Most religions also teach that the body is the temple where the Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent Divinity resides. Our spiritual Sadhana must take us towards this identification of each individual with the Resident Divinity. This has to be the logical Goal of every healer, and every seva done with the right attitude, is sure to take us there.

Most of us who have read the scriptures (of any religion) are able to repeat these teachings verbatim - but unless we are living it, unless our actions translate into this Understanding of Oneness, we will not progress towards our goal.

The "litmus test" of whether we are progressing or regressing is the state of our mind. If there is turmoil in the mind, if there is anxiety, if there is worry - we are not surrendering. If there is no surrender there can be no progress on this path.

If you decide to do this work, do it knowing fully well that it is His work. He provides the inspiration, you take the first step. After that there is no stopping. Do not worry about who is going to finance it - He will do it - it is His project and He alone is the Financier. He will always send you people who want to be actively part of the Seva. He will also send you those who may not be able to help directly in the work but are more than happy to contribute in material terms like providing the pills and bottles. Most centers end up operating at zero cost to the healers.

The important thing to remember is there must be no struggle. In God's work there is no struggle. If He wants the work done, if it is His project, things just fall into place. It is really as simple as that.

His Wisdom alone will guide you, His Love will sustain you. Have Faith!


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