5.1     Introduction
5.2     What is a Sample of a Sanjeevini Combination?
5.3     What is the advantage of keeping Samples of Selected Sanjeevini Combinations?
5.4     What are the items required for preparing the SSC Samples?
5.5     Which mediums are good for preparing SSC Samples?
5.6     Which containers should be used for Preparing the SSC Samples?
5.7     How are SSC Samples prepared? Examples of SSC1, SSC 60, SSC 2
5.8     How is a Sample of a sub combination of a Selected Sanjeevini Combination to be prepared-SSC 2(a)
5.9     Charging the entire stock of the medium with SSC 1 and SSC 60
5.10   Is it necessary to recharge SSC Samples periodically? Say every month or so.
5.11   How to store the SSC Samples for easy retrieval during the healing work?

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The longer lasting the medium the better its use as a sample. In terms of the ability to capture and retain the healing vibrations of Sanjeevinis, all mediums are equally good. Remember we are working with the subtle healing vibrations of prayers which will be equally potent in every medium.

Vibhuti (holy ash) : Vibhuti is of course the ideal medium for preparing Samples as it lasts for ever. In India it is easily available at all Sai Baba Centres in almost every town and in most villages too. Overseas too, it can be procured at the Sai Baba Centres in major cities in almost all countries of the world. Any Indian Store in most countries should usually be having it in stock. People who regularly ingest a tiny pinch of Vibhuti daily, as part of their daily discipline for spiritual evolution and healing can charge their Vibhuti with relevant Sanjeevinis for oral ingestion as well. Others should use Vibhuti only as a medium for preparing Samples to be used for transferring captured vibrations into another medium or for Broadcasting using the Multiplication & Broadcasting Card.

Sugar globules: This is another commonly used medium for preparing and storing samples wherever Homeo sugar globules are available.

Sugar globules usually last for around a couple of years without getting soggy or discolored. If the bottles in which the globules are stored are kept airtight and not opened, the shelf life can even be longer. Sugar globules are usually available in Homeopathic Stores or Pharmacies in most countries.

Turmeric powder : Turmeric has been used in Indian traditional medicine and cooking for thousands of years on account of its therapeutic properties. It is also considered as a symbol of auspiciousness. It has a shelf life of well over a couple of years when kept in an airtight container. Turmeric powder should be available in most countries of the world. We are told that in the US and a few other countries you can mail order a packet of turmeric over the internet.

White Rice grains: Another medium that has a long shelf life of over two years. (Shelf lifeof Brown rice is around 6 months) . A few grains of rice is enough for preparing a Sample.

Distilled water : In some countries people are using distilled water for preparing samples of Combinations. Mineral Water (or bottled water) is also being used by some people for preparing samples where distilled water is not easily available. Its shelf life is what you have to keep in mind.


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