3.1         Releasing the Fear
3.2         Begin with a Silent Prayer
3.3         Which Sanjeevinis to Select for an Ailment?
3.4         Choosing a Medium for Your Remedy
3.5        How To Prepare a Sanjeevini Remedy using your chosen Medium

              3.5.1     A few Examples of how to Prepare Sanjeevini Remedies
              3.5.2     Frequently Asked Questions on how to Prepare a Sanjeevini Remedy

3.6         What is the Dosage for a Sanjeevini Remedy?
3.7         Different ways of using Sanjeevinis
3.8         Selected Sanjeevini Combinations
3.9         Preparing Samples of the 70 Selected Sanjeevini Combinations
3.10       The use of the Multiplication and Broadcasting Card

               3.10.1        Multiplication Function of the Multiplication & Broadcasting Card
               3.10.1.a     Adding more Sanjeevinis to your Sample or Remedy.       
               3.10.1.b     Preparing Vibrations from a given gross substance using the M&B Card
          Frequently Asked Questions on Multiplication Function of the M&B Card

               3.10.2        Broadcasting Function of the Multiplication & Broadcasting Card
          Frequently Asked Questions on Broadcasting Function of the M&B Card  

3.11      The use of the Neutralisation Card
             (Neutralising Negativity and Purifying substances)

3.12      Sanjeevinis as Prophlactives or Preventives
3.13      Importance of offering Heartfelt Prayers whilst Preparing or Broadcasting a Sanjeevini Remedy
3.14      Sanjeevini Remedy Kit for Patients
3.15      Advantages of giving a Sanjeevini Remedy Kit to Patients
3.16      Preparing sets of M&B Cards, M&B Cards Stations, Neutralization Cards, M&B Card One Sample to Many Outputs and
             Many Samples to One Output

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There are several ways of using Sanjeevinis for healing.

        1. Taken Orally:

This is one of the most common ways of dispensing or taking the Sanjeevini remedies i.e. charging a medium (usually, water or homeopathic globules which can be ingested by the patient a few times a day.

Remedies to be taken orally, for virtually any ailment, are prepared by keeping the water or the globules on the desired Sanjeevini cards for a certain time (15 seconds or more). Repeating an affirmation, a mantra or a prayer from any religion or faith (there is only One God and He is Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent), while preparing the remedies is highly recommended. It strengthens the positive healing vibrations going out to the patient, besides doing immense good to the healer and our planet in general. The water or the globules thus charged with the healing prayers become the remedy to be taken as per recommended dosage. For a choice of mediums that can be used, please refer to the Section 3.4 Choosing a Medium for Your Remedy.

         You can also prepare the remedy by placing the container with the medium on the image of the relvant Sanjeevini Card on the mobile phone.

2.  Broadcasting the Sanjeevinis – Distance Healing:

Once a remedy is prepared for a particular ailment, it can be transmitted or “broadcast” to the patient who could be located anywhere in the cosmos, using the Multiplication and Broadcasting Card.

This is an extremely simple and yet very powerful and profound way of healing with Sanjeevinis. Please note that a Sanjeevini Healer can broadcast the Sanjeevini remedy to himself/herself as well.This method is always used when a patient is not able to take the Sanjeevinis orally – for example when a person is unconscious, in a coma, in intensive care, or away in another city or country (the distance is immaterial), Distance healing by broadcasting or transmitting the Sanjeevinis is a dynamic way to heal. This way of healing is the "first choice" of many healers even in situations where the patient is able to take the Sanjeevinis orally. It is not necessary to opt for this method only in a situation when the patient cannot take the Sanjeevinis orally. A broadcast can always be set up for every patient even if the patient is being given the remedies orally.

Please go to Section 3.10.2 Broadcasting Function of the Multiplication & Broadcasting Card for more details on this important, globally used extremely popular way of Sanjeevini healing.

3. Absorbed directly by touching the Sanjeevini Cards:

Sanjeevini healing vibrations can be absorbed directly by touching a Sanjeevini card. There is no medium used in this case. Simply place your hand for 15 seconds or more on the relevant Sanjeevini Card(s) in the book ( or on  the mobile phone screen) a few times a day. This is the simplest way of taking in the healing vibrations. Repeating an affirmation, a mantra or saying a prayer from any religion or faith or being in silence during this time of absorbing the healing vibrations of Sanjeevinis by touch is highly recommended. It strengthens the positive healing vibrations being received by you. Please Exhibit 13 on Page E-8 on Exhibits.

a)   It is perfectly fine for part of the hand to touch other cards on a particular page, besides touching the card that you are intending to take the vibration of. So be completely relaxed whilst you take in the vibrations with the touch.

b)   15 seconds is the minimum required time for taking in the vibrations. There is no upper limit to the time. If you are enjoying the communion with the divine within through silence or through a prayer or a chant during the process of absorbing the healing vibration, you can continue to keep your hand on a Sanjeevini card for as long as you wish to.

Elderly people or those who are ill or convalescing from an illness usually feel very comfortable with this method. They have plenty of time at hand and most of them love tuning into the silence within (i.e. their connection to God) during the charging process.

This method is also ideal for those who may be in a hospital. The hospital authorities usually object to a patient taking any medication or remedies other than the one prescribed by them. They may not allow the Sanjeevini remedy prepared in pills or water to be given to the patient which is quite understandable as they are not familiar with the system at all.

They are duty bound to follow the rules and regulations of the hospital which are meant for the welfare of the patient. So there is no need to enter into an argument with them over this. Make sure that the harmony of the patient with the staff is not disturbed over this issue.

However, there can of course be no objection to the patient placing her/his hands on the Sanjeevini Cards. So all we need to do is to give the patient copy of the book or simply photocopies of the relevant cards. Another way is to copy and paste the relevant Sanjeevini cards (available on the website) on a fresh Word document. Take a print out of the same for giving it to the patient. This printed sheet can be kept in a thin A4 size plastic sleeve (available from all stationery shops) or laminated so that the cards do not crumple, tear or become dirty due to frequent usage.

A patient in a hospital can of course always be put on a broadcast for Distance healing with the Multiplication and Broadcasting Card.

4. Applied locally: This would usually be for skin conditions or injuries. In such cases the medium used is water and once charged with the Sanjeevinis, it is applied to the required area. You could of course charge any cream, lotion, hair oil or ointment also with the relevant Sanjeevinis.

5. Holding the Sanjeevini healing remedy: Once a medium is charged in a container, some people just prefer holding it in their hands for a minute or more each day, a few times in a day, so that the energy of the Sanjeevinis seeps into them through their hands. Crystals, Rosaries can be used like this.

6. Using photocopies of the relevant Sanjeevinis: Some people photocopy the relevant Sanjeevini patterns from the Sanjeevini healing book (or take prints from the website) and give them to patients to place under their pillow while sleeping at night. The patient can also use these photocopies/printouts to charge their water, or meal for the day by placing their water/ beverage/plate of food on the Sanjeevini patterns.

Photocopies/printouts can be laminated or kept secure in a plastic pouch so that the cards don't get torn or dirty.

7. Printing Sanjeevini patterns like Shakthi Sanjeevini, Shanthi Sanjeevini, Prema Sanjeevini, Forgiveness Sanjeevini, Neutralisation Card on Coasters, T-shirts, Meditation mats… are other innovative ways that some people are using to take in the Sanjeevni vibrations. Please See Exhibit 14 on Page E-8 of Exhibits.

8. Recalling the name, or thinking of the Sanjeevinis with complete faith: People who have developed immense faith in Sanjeevinis through many positive healing experiences, just think of the Sanjeevinis in the Silence of their mind or repeat the name of the Sanjeevini with complete faith. This is the subtlest way of taking the Sanjeevinis. It will come to you naturally as you develop faith in the system through extensive usage.

An example: You are driving your car. All of a sudden you develop a severe cramp in your leg which immobilizes your foot and is making you lose control over the vehicle. It could be an emergency. Think of the Cramp Sanjeevini as you try to maneuver your vehicle to a safe position. Call out the name of the Sanjeevinis in your mind or aloud. In this case you could think of the Leg and Foot Sanjeevini as well.

Another example: A person is traveling without a first aid kit. There is an accident which results in severe bleeding from the hand. Immediately the person can think of the Bleeding Sanjeevini to harness the healing force from within to stop the bleeding. Recalling the name of Sanjeevinis opens out the right channels of healing grace from within and from the outside world too in the form of immediate medical assistance. It is like an SOS to God seeking His healing grace and help.

Yet another example.: A person who is severely constipated can think of or recall aloud the names of Constipation Sanjeevini, Blockages Sanjeevini, Colon Sanjeevini or Alimentary Canal Sanjeevini to harness the healing force from within to clear the problem.

In every challenging situation or emergency, many people spontaneously connect with God through prayers, chanting or meditative silence, for divine help. Please continue to do that with great faith and fervour. Our profound connection with God, the ultimate source of all healing, is the most powerful protection from danger. The Sanjeevinis are there as an additional resource for you, should you need it.

9. Any other way that you are guided from within to use the Sanjeevinis. Please feel free to follow your intuition and use any other way that you are guided to from within for making use of the Sai Sanjeevini healing prayers.


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