7.1      Introduction
7.2      Starting a healing centre
7.3      Healer’s Well being
7.4      Two ways of Giving Sanjeevini Remedies to Patients
7.5      Guidelines for streamlining the healing work at a Sanjeevini Seva Centre
7.6      Mobile Healing Centres
7.7      A Village must be made self - sufficient
7.8      Sharing the knowledge
7.9      Sanjeevini Seva with Sanjeevini healing broadcasts - Distance Healing
7.10    Sanjeevini Seva for Healing and Protection of all Beings affected in Calamities
7.11    Sanjeevini Seva for relief for victims of Draughts
7.12    Sanjeevini Seva for victims of Kidnapping
7.13    Sanjeevini Seva for Peace and Harmony between Nations at War
7.14    Sanjeevini Seva for Healing and Protection of people in Epidemic affected areas
7.15    Sanjeevini seva for social upliftment of underprivileged people
7.16    Sanjeevini Seva for purifying our Environment
7.17    Sanjeevini Seva for Auspicious results of Students appearing in Examinations
7.18    Sanjeevini Seva for Peace and Tranquility of departed Souls
7.19    Sanjeevini Seva with Sai Sanjeevini Tonic
7.20    Always keep in mind the purpose of the healing seva.
7.21    Sanjeevini healing seva as a means to Self-transformation

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There are two popular ways in which Sai Sanjeevini remedies are given to the patients. Both are explained in detail below.

Method 1: Dispensing Sanjeevini remedies in Homeo globules (Pills) in plastic bottles.

Keep small cardboard or plastic boxes to store different size bottles (half drachm, 1 drachm, 2 drachm etc.). Count the number of pills that each size bottle can take and display this information clearly on the respective boxes. In this way, the person dispensing knows at a glance which bottle to use for the dosage prescribed for a particular duration.

Wastage is also minimised and the patient is not inconvenienced with too few pills.

Method 2: Giving a  Sanjeevini Remedy Kit to the patient. This Kit consists of : 

               1   A sample of the Patient’s Sanjeevini remedy in Vibhuti or pills, prepared on the basis of the patient's specific symptoms 

               2   A  Laminated copy of a Multiplication and Broadcasting Card.

               Both the above items are usually given in a zip type cello bag. Please see Exhibit 19 on Page E-9 of   Exhibits.

               Also please go through Sections 3.14 and 3.15 for more details on the Sanjeevini Remedy Kit.

Dispensing Sanjeevini remedies as a sample in Vibhuti or pills in a small bottle or packet, along with a laminated Multiplication and Broadcasting Card is a wonderful way of offering Sanjeevini Seva. The patient is taught the simple process of preparing his/her own remedy in water or any other medium using the Sanjeevini remedy sample and the M & B Card as shown in Exhibit 17 on Page E-9.

The big advantage of Method 2 is that the patient does not need to come back for a refill unless there is no improvement or new symptoms have emerged. This is because the patient  is equipped with the M & B card to prepare her/his remedy every day on her/his own. This is particularly useful during Calamities and Epidemics when we are serving thousands of people.

The other big advantage is that the patient whilst preparing the remedy everyday with the M & B Card has the opportunity of offering his/her own fervent prayers from the depths of his/her heart for healing during the time of charging fresh water or pills. This focused deep connection of the patient with the Divine on a daily basis has a wonderful therapeutic healing effect. Please see Section3.14 & 3.15 for more advantages of the Sanjeevini Remedy Kit.


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