3.1         Releasing the Fear
3.2         Begin with a Silent Prayer
3.3         Which Sanjeevinis to Select for an Ailment?
3.4         Choosing a Medium for Your Remedy
3.5        How To Prepare a Sanjeevini Remedy using your chosen Medium

              3.5.1     A few Examples of how to Prepare Sanjeevini Remedies
              3.5.2     Frequently Asked Questions on how to Prepare a Sanjeevini Remedy

3.6         What is the Dosage for a Sanjeevini Remedy?
3.7         Different ways of using Sanjeevinis
3.8         Selected Sanjeevini Combinations
3.9         Preparing Samples of the 70 Selected Sanjeevini Combinations
3.10       The use of the Multiplication and Broadcasting Card

               3.10.1        Multiplication Function of the Multiplication & Broadcasting Card
               3.10.1.a     Adding more Sanjeevinis to your Sample or Remedy.       
               3.10.1.b     Preparing Vibrations from a given gross substance using the M&B Card
          Frequently Asked Questions on Multiplication Function of the M&B Card

               3.10.2        Broadcasting Function of the Multiplication & Broadcasting Card
          Frequently Asked Questions on Broadcasting Function of the M&B Card  

3.11      The use of the Neutralisation Card
             (Neutralising Negativity and Purifying substances)

3.12      Sanjeevinis as Prophlactives or Preventives
3.13      Importance of offering Heartfelt Prayers whilst Preparing or Broadcasting a Sanjeevini Remedy
3.14      Sanjeevini Remedy Kit for Patients
3.15      Advantages of giving a Sanjeevini Remedy Kit to Patients
3.16      Preparing sets of M&B Cards, M&B Cards Stations, Neutralization Cards, M&B Card One Sample to Many Outputs and
             Many Samples to One Output

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3.14 Sanjeevini Remedy Kit for Patients

A Sanjeevini remedy Kit for a patient consists of:

1  A sample of the Sanjeevini remedy that has been prepared for the patient based on the current problems/symptoms. The sample can be in Vibhuti or Homeo globules or Turmeric powder or any other medium. Please see Chapter 5 and Section 3.4 for mediums that can be used.

2   A laminated Multiplication and Broadcasting Card

Both the above can be ideally given in a Zipped Cellophane bag. Please see Exhibit 19 on Page E-9 of Exhibits.

It is good to keep a few Sanjeevini Remedy Kits ready for patients. The Sample can be kept charged with SSC 70 Sai sanjeevini Tonic. The additional Sanjeevinis based on the patients symptoms can be added using the SSC samples ( Chapters 4 and 5) and/ or the individual Sanjeevini Healing Cards in Part 3 of A Healer's Guide.

A good stock of M & B cards can be kept by healers who are active in the Sanjeevini Seva. Please use Exhibit 4 on Page E-2 on Exhibits With Six M & B Cards for preparing your Stock of M & B Cards for the healing Seva 

Before giving  the Kit to a patient please give  a brief understanding of the Sanjeevini healing system. Talk about its simplicity, zero side effects and effectiveness. Share your personal experiences or the experiences shared in the book in Chapter 1 Section 1.3. Mention its global reach: that it is being used in many countries and has been translated into many languages worldwide.

Demonstrate to them clearly the process of preparing their daily healing remedy in water by placing the Sanjeevinis charged bottle in the Kit on the left side of the M & B Card and a glass or bottle of water on the right side of the Card for ½ a minute or more. Please see Section 3.10 on the Multiplication Function of the M & B Card. Please show them Exhibit 17 on Page E-9 of Exhibits.

Explain to them the importance of praying/chanting/being in silence during this time of transfer of vibrations from the Sanjeevini  Sample into the water.  They should pray from the depths of their heart for the physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual healing and wellbeing of themselves and every member of their family. Tell them that any prayer from any faith is perfect. Please see Section 3.13 for more on Prayers during preparing Sanjeevini remedies.

Also remind them that they should continue to follow the advice of their medical doctor and take the Sanjeevinis along with the Doctor's prescribed medication. The Sanjeevini healing prayers  will help and hasten the healing and rejuvenating process from with in, as prayers always do.


" Prayer must emanate from the heart, where God resides,

and not from the head where doctrines and doubts clash. “



You could also, explain to the patient the procedure for setting up a Distance healing Broadcast with the Sanjeevini sample and the M & B Card in the kit. The Broadcast can be set up for oneself or for other members of the family. Please see Section 3.10.2 on Broadcasting of Sanjeevinis. Self empowerment of every patient has to be our mission. Slowly but surely we should encourage patients to have their own copy of the book. Photo copies of the Sanjeevini Healing Cards are as effective as the original in this book.


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