2.1         A Gift of Love
2.2         Significance of the Name of the Healing System
2.3         What are Sanjeevinis?
2.4         Creation of Sanjeevini Cards
2.5         Categories of Sanjeevinis
2.5.1      Sub Categories of Body Part Sanjeevinis (BPS): 60 in Number
2.5.2      Sub Categories of 264 Disease Sanjeevinis (DS) 
2.6         Sanjeevini Combinations
2.7         Healing with the Sai Sanjeevinis – An Overview
2.8         Getting Started with Sanjeevini Healing

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There are six sub categories under the Disease Sanjeevinis as listed below. Please see the complete List of Sanjeevinis in these six sub categories in Part 3 of the book.

Sub Category 1   Disease Sanjeevini Prayers for healing specific diseases or symptoms in the body.e.g. DS 11 Asthma Sanjeevini, DS116 Sinus and Cold Sanjeevini, DS 41 Diarrhoea/Dysentry Sanjeevini, DS 50 Fevers and Flu (all) Sanjeevini, DS 26 Cancers (all) Sanjeevini, DS 91 Pain Sanjeevini, DS 89  Numbness Sanjeevini.

Sub Category 2   Disease Sanjeevini Prayers for healing specific diseases or symptoms at the mental or emotional level. e.g. DS 155 Anger Sanjeevini, DS 165 Depression Sanjeevini, DS 180 Schizophrenia Sanjeevini, DS 219 Hatred Sanjeevini, DS 194 Greed Sanjeevini.

Sub Category 3   Disease Sanjeevini Prayers for a healthy completion of certain natural processes like DS 100 Pregnancy Sanjeevini, DS 30 Child birth (delivery) Sanjeevini, DS 82 Menopause Sanjeevini.

Sub Category 4   Disease Sanjeevini patterns also include Sanjeevini healing prayers for Awakening and Nourishing certain important values or positive mental and spiritual attributes like DS 113 Shakthi Sanjeevini, DS114 Shanthi Sanjeevini, DS 128 Thought Management Sanjeevini, DS 220 Humility Sanjeevini, DS 169 Forgiveness Sanjeevini, DS 145 Ahimsa Sanjeevini, DS 189 Prema Sanjeevini (Shakthi, Shanthi, Prema & Ahimsa are Sanskrit words. Shakthi means divine strength/energy, Shanthi is peace, Prema is divine love, Ahimsa is non-violence).

Divine values are the eternal attributes of our souls and therefore inherent in each being from birth. When we manifest these values in our beliefs, thoughts, feelings, words and actions in our daily lives, we experience peace, harmony, wellness, fulfillment and bliss. We can also easily understand that all beings have the same divine essence. Loving all, serving all, helping ever hurting never then becomes our joyful nature. 

Whenever these values are not manifested in our beliefs, thoughts, feelings, words and conduct, we experience fear, worry, jealousy, conflicts and dis-ease at the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual levels.

Sub Category 5   Disease Sanjeevini prayers for the Cultural and Social upliftment of people and communities like DS 230 Poverty Sanjeevini, DS 250 Dignified Housing (for all) Sanjeevini, DS 209 Drinking Water (for all) Sanjeevini, DS 226 Nourishing food (for all) Sanjeevini, DS 259 Respect for all Women Sanjeevini, DS 258 Respect for all Religions Sanjeevini

Sub Category 6   Disease Sanjeevini Healing Cards for Plants, Animals and Birds.

                              DS 181 Soil Rejuvanation  Sanjeevini   

                              DS 146 Canine Distemper Sanjeevini 

                              DS 175 PFBD (Beak & Feather disease) for Parrots and all birds   

                              DS 150 Scabies (including Mange for Animals) Sanjeevini   

                              DS 184 Ticks & Fleas (for Animals) Sanjeevini   

Please Note that all the Sanjeevinis in the Healing system can be used for Plants, Animals and Birds. There are a few Sanjeevinis which are specific only for Plants, Animals and Birds. Please refer to SSC 57 and SSC 58 in Chapter 4 Selected Sanjeevini Combinations for usage of Sanjeevinis in Sub category 6.

For example if a dog or a cat  has an injury on the leg, use DS 71 Injury Sanjeevini + DS 68 Infection Sanjeevini + BPS 27 Leg & Foot Sanjeevini + any other Sanjeevini you feel may be relevant. 


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