7.1      Introduction
7.2      Starting a healing centre
7.3      Healer’s Well being
7.4      Two ways of Giving Sanjeevini Remedies to Patients
7.5      Guidelines for streamlining the healing work at a Sanjeevini Seva Centre
7.6      Mobile Healing Centres
7.7      A Village must be made self - sufficient
7.8      Sharing the knowledge
7.9      Sanjeevini Seva with Sanjeevini healing broadcasts - Distance Healing
7.10    Sanjeevini Seva for Healing and Protection of all Beings affected in Calamities
7.11    Sanjeevini Seva for relief for victims of Draughts
7.12    Sanjeevini Seva for victims of Kidnapping
7.13    Sanjeevini Seva for Peace and Harmony between Nations at War
7.14    Sanjeevini Seva for Healing and Protection of people in Epidemic affected areas
7.15    Sanjeevini seva for social upliftment of underprivileged people
7.16    Sanjeevini Seva for purifying our Environment
7.17    Sanjeevini Seva for Auspicious results of Students appearing in Examinations
7.18    Sanjeevini Seva for Peace and Tranquility of departed Souls
7.19    Sanjeevini Seva with Sai Sanjeevini Tonic
7.20    Always keep in mind the purpose of the healing seva.
7.21    Sanjeevini healing seva as a means to Self-transformation

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The Sanjeevinis provide an effective and inexpensive way of doing selfless service to the community we live in, as well as to the communities of our underprivileged brethren in cities and villages. This chapter offers some insights into different ways community service is being done with the Sanathana Sai Sanjeevini Healing Fragrances.                                                                                             

Always begin your work with a prayer, surrendering your actions to the Divine, leaving the results to Divine Will. Every work becomes sacred and auspicious when it is offered to God.

As a healer it is important to listen to the patient’s problems patiently and with compassion whether it is on the telephone or in a personal meeting. It is equally important that whatever information the patient shares with you in terms of his/her ailments or any personal, interpersonal, financial problems or problems regarding any addictions, must always be kept confidential. That is the implicit trust that a patient should have in every healer. That must be the level of our integrity in the healing Seva.

Another pitfall to be watchful of is the tendency to judge patients after you have listened to their story. This must be rooted out completely from our thoughts and feelings if we wish to evolve through our seva.

Compassion comes from accepting the person as he or she is and is like a balm which relieves suffering and promotes healing by itself. Judgment implies condemnation and is a clear sign of our ego showing its ugly head in the healing work, the very ego that we want to obliterate through our seva.

Judgment is one of the root causes of a disease at the deepest level. The more the healer is free from judgment, the more the patient will be inspired to get rid of judgment within him or her.

Each Sanjeevini has a prayer for inner guidance for the patient (and for whoever is looking after the patient at home or at the hospital) on what is the correct diet and lifestyle that would help in the self healing.

However, it would be helpful for everyone to be aware of the kind of diet and lifestyle that promotes health and healing and, equally important, to know of the damaging effects of certain kinds of food and way of life. Chapters 8 gives some insights into healthy food choices and lifestyles.

As a healer you should try and share your understanding of a healthy diet and lifestyle lovingly and gently with every patient without in any way trying to impose you views. Your words will naturally carry more strength if you truly believe in the suggestions you are making and have personally experienced their value.

"Healer - heal thyself" - is a good thought to remember. That, however, does not mean that you as a healer should get obsessed with your own health problems. A healer's healing comes from a mental state of purity and surrender - a coming to terms with "O Lord, Thy Will be done" - surrendering all, offering all.

When a patient walks in, remember it is only Divinity in disguise. Divinity has come to give us an opportunity to serve Divinity. The healer is also Divinity. The Sanjeevinis that the healer gives to the patient are also Divinity.  When the three "forms" come together in a true spirit of surrender - harmony will begin to flow.

When seva (service) is offered in this spirit, every act we perform picks up the "healing fragrances" from the Lord's Lotus Feet - every act is then rendered holy, and harmony flows. Healing is just this - restoring harmony. We don't do it - the Lord does.

What is the reward for the seva that we render with selfless love?

Self satisfaction, peace, contentment, fulfillment and bliss through a deeper understanding and experience of the purpose of life.


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