3.1         Releasing the Fear
3.2         Begin with a Silent Prayer
3.3         Which Sanjeevinis to Select for an Ailment?
3.4         Choosing a Medium for Your Remedy
3.5        How To Prepare a Sanjeevini Remedy using your chosen Medium

              3.5.1     A few Examples of how to Prepare Sanjeevini Remedies
              3.5.2     Frequently Asked Questions on how to Prepare a Sanjeevini Remedy

3.6         What is the Dosage for a Sanjeevini Remedy?
3.7         Different ways of using Sanjeevinis
3.8         Selected Sanjeevini Combinations
3.9         Preparing Samples of the 70 Selected Sanjeevini Combinations
3.10       The use of the Multiplication and Broadcasting Card

               3.10.1        Multiplication Function of the Multiplication & Broadcasting Card
               3.10.1.a     Adding more Sanjeevinis to your Sample or Remedy.       
               3.10.1.b     Preparing Vibrations from a given gross substance using the M&B Card
          Frequently Asked Questions on Multiplication Function of the M&B Card

               3.10.2        Broadcasting Function of the Multiplication & Broadcasting Card
          Frequently Asked Questions on Broadcasting Function of the M&B Card  

3.11      The use of the Neutralisation Card
             (Neutralising Negativity and Purifying substances)

3.12      Sanjeevinis as Prophlactives or Preventives
3.13      Importance of offering Heartfelt Prayers whilst Preparing or Broadcasting a Sanjeevini Remedy
3.14      Sanjeevini Remedy Kit for Patients
3.15      Advantages of giving a Sanjeevini Remedy Kit to Patients
3.16      Preparing sets of M&B Cards, M&B Cards Stations, Neutralization Cards, M&B Card One Sample to Many Outputs and
             Many Samples to One Output

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Neutralising negativity and Purifying substances.


Neutralisation Card A4 size

 Exhibit 7 A


The Neutralisation card is another wonderful tool in the healing work. Like the Multiplication and Broadcasting Card, this card also has been created with divine guidance using the science of Radiesthesia. Please see Exhibit 7A. above.

It has the power of prayers offered with intense faith to neutralize all negativity at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

It is spiritually programmed with prayers to provide protection from all negative feelings or vibrations or curses coming from a person or a group of people or a community or a nation.

Most importantly it has the power to neutralize all the negative vibrations of hatred, greed, anger, jealousy, resentment, ingratitude etc. within each one of us.

Communities and Nations are made of people. If everyone works towards removing negativity within one self, there would be perfect peace and harmony in this world.

Hatred and revenge are reactions to the negativity that emanate in our thoughts & feelings  individually and collectively. True protection from negativity outside can come only by removing negativity within ourselves.

As Healer's we can use this card liberally for ourselves.

Negativity is the chief causes of every disease at the physical, mental, social and spiritual levels. The neutralization card is helpful in removing this root cause in patients to allow for the natural healing to begin from within.

This card can also be used to neutralize or at least minimize at a subtle level the negative side effects of any drug, any food item, and the damaging effects of TV, computer and Cell Phone radiations. Please See Exhibits 24 on Page E-10 of Exhibits.

Also a powerful aid to neutralize the strangle hold of entities on an individual's mind.

Different ways of using the Neutralisation Card.

1. By placing one’s hand on the card for a minute or more, or by holding the card between your hands for a minute or more

Being in silence, chanting our favourite mantra or saying a prayer whilst keeping the hand on the Neutralisation Card helps remove the negativity within. Please see Exhibit 24 on Page E-10.

2. It can be used to neutralize negativity in a substance. For example – the side effects of allopathic drugs. Simply place the drugs on the circle of the Neutralization card and leave for one minute, while you pray and surrender to Divine will. Similarly you can place your uncooked/cooked food as well as your drinking water on the Neutralization card to purify it and remove the negative effects of pesticides, chemical residues and radioactive radiation.

3. It can be stuck on a wall, a cabinet or any surface to neutralize negative vibrations in the air and radiation from television and computers. Please See Exhibits 24 on Page E-10 of Exhibits.

4. It can be kept underneath the pillow/mattress to prevent negative dreams.

5. It can be held in the hand, kept in pocket or printed onto clothes to protect from entities/evil eye.

6. Consciously one can place one's hand on it for some time, a few times a day, to neutralize the negative vibrations of lust, anger, greed, hatred, jealousy, resentment etc within one self.

7. It can be stuck under chairs in clinics (or under the seat cushion) on which the patients sit, to remove the negativity that many patients are mentally prone to.

8. Any other way you are guided to use it for removing negativity at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Purifying Substances:

Sometimes we may make up Sanjeevinis in large quantities (during epidemics etc.) in vibhuthi or globules and later find we are left with substantial unused quantities of Sanjeevinis. These need not be wasted. They can be neutralised and reused.

Of course you can add on fresh Sanjeevini vibrations to any medium which has already been charged with several Sanjeevinis. However if you feel more comfortable starting with a fresh stock of pills then neutralise the unused stock as given below.

For "neutralising" charged globules, alcohol, vibhuthi, water etc., place your bottle on or in the circle in the "Neutralisation" card. Leave for 1 minute or more and be in silence or pray. The medium in this bottle is now cleared of all previous vibrations. and ready for re-use.

Creating a stock of Neutralisation Cards

Take a photocopy of Exhibit 6 on Page E-4 of Exhibits Section. Laminate the Photocopy. Cut out nine Neutralisation Cards for your personal use and for sharing with others. Please see Section 3.16.

If you need an A4 Size Neutralisation Card please use Exhibit 7 on Page E-5 of Exhibits


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