1.1        The Essence of Sanathana Sai Sanjeevini Healing
1.2         How effective is Sanjeevini Healing?
1.3         Experiences shared by Sanjeevini users from across the World
1.4         Who qualifies as a Healer?
1.5         You can never go wrong
1.6         Scope of Healing (range of Diseases/Conditions)
1.7         Are there any side effects? None! 
1.8         Community service with Sanjeevinis
1.9         Inner Evolution…through the Spirit of Surrender
1.10       Guidelines on Diet and Lifestyle for Health and Harmony

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Sanjeevini healing is simple. It is so simple that we sometimes forget how simple it is! We often try to intellectually battle with the Sanjeevini list to decide which Sanjeevini would be most appropriate for a particular case!  Often, fear of misusing the Sanjeevinis, (i.e. giving the “wrong” Sanjeevini), prompts us to go through much unnecessary worry. There is NOTHING TO FEAR. With the Sanjeevinis you can never go wrong. 

Suppose there was someone far away who had injured her knee, and you thought she had injured her arm. You went to your altar and prayed for her injured arm to be healed. Does that mean that the All Powerful Healer of the Universe, the Supreme Being, considers your prayer worthless because you prayed for the healing of the wrong body part?

Remember that the Sanjeevinis are prayers. Just as you can never go wrong with prayers, you can NEVER go wrong with the Sanjeevinis. You do your best…the Lord alone heals.  Learn to rely more and more on your inner guidance, your inner intuition. That is the supreme guide. The Sanjeevinis are instruments that bring you back into balance with your own inner healing power and wisdom, that God has gifted us all with. As you begin to use the Sanjeevinis, your intuition will get stronger and guide you to the right solutions – be they from Energy healing alone, or a combination of Allopathy, Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Homoeopathy or any other system of medicine.

The Sanjeevinis can be taken happily along with any other system of treatment. Being immensely subtle spiritual vibrations, Sanjeevinis operate at a very deep level of consciousness to effect the healing and will enhance the healing process of all healing systems.


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