6.1     Notes in brief on a few Body Parts Sanjeevinis
6.2     Notes in brief on a few Diseases Sanjeevinis

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The purpose for which a particular Disease Sanjeevini is to be used is usually quite clear from the name of the Sanjeevini. However a few Sanjeevinis do need highlighting of their healing potential. Please do go through this Chapter for a deeper insight into some of the Diseases Sanjeevinis listed below. 

Please go through the entire Chapter 4 Selected Sanjeevini Combinations carefully. You will get a good understanding of many other Sanjeevinis used in different Combinations.

List of Diseases Sanjeevinis for which brief notes are given ahead

DS 1 ACID (acidity, colic, indigestion) Sanjeevini

DS 2 Addictions (all types) Sanjeevini

DS 5 Allergies Sanjeevini

DS 15 Bleeding (haemorrhage) Sanjeevini

DS 16 Blockages Sanjeevini

DS 20 Body Imbalance Sanjeevini

DS 30 Childbirth Sanjeevini

DS 39 Diabetes (adult) Sanjeevini

DS 42 Digestion Sanjeevini:

DS 46  Drawing Sanjeevini

DS 48 Emergency Sanjeevini 

DS 50 Fevers and Flu (all) Sanjeevini

DS 100 Pregnancy Sanjeevini

DS 143 SAFE Sanjeevini

DS 145 Ahimsa (Non Violence) Sanjeevini

DS 146 Canine Distemper Sanjeevini

DS 147 Fungal Infections (all) Sanjeevini

DS 148 Herpes (simplex) Sanjeevini

DS 149 Osteoporosis Sanjeevini

DS 150 Scabies (including Mange for Animals) Sanj.

DS 151 Addictions (Alcohol Related) Sanjeevini

DS 152 Addictions (Caffeine Related) Sanjeevini

DS 153 Addictions (Nicotine Related) Sanjeevini

DS 154 Addictions (Drug Related) Sanjeevini

DS 155 Anger Sanjeevini

DS 156 Antitoxin - Heavy Metals Sanjeevini

DS 157 Antitoxin - Dental Fillings Sanjeevini

DS 158 Anxiety Sanjeevini

DS 165 Depression Sanjeevini

DS 166 Entities Sanjeevini

DS 167 Examination Stress Sanjeevini

DS 169 Forgiveness Sanjeevini

DS 171 Indecisiveness Sanjeevini

DS 176 Phobias (specific & non specific) Sanjeevini

DS 179 Resentment Sanjeevini

DS 159 Better Memory Sanjeevini

DS 160 Bone Disorders (Growths) Sanjeevini

DS 161 Crohn's Disease Sanjeevini

DS 162 Dandruff Sanjeevini

DS 163 Dementia Sanjeevini

DS 164 Dengue (all types) Sanjeevini

DS 168 Flourosis Sanjeevini

DS 170 Hyperactivity Sanjeevini

DS 172 Leukaemia Sanjeevini

DS 173 Meningitis Sanjeevini

DS 174 Oxygenation Sanjeevini

DS 175 PBFD Sanjeevini

DS 177 Poisoning (all types) Sanjeevini

DS 178 Pre-Menstrual Tension Sanjeevini

DS 180 Schizophrenia Sanjeevini

DS 181 Soil Rejuvenation Sanjeevini

DS 182 Sweat Disorders Sanjeevini

DS 183 Tetanus Sanjeevini

DS 184 Ticks & Fleas (for animals)

DS 185 Vaccine Antidote

DS 186 Vertigo Sanjeevini

DS 187 Dharma (Right Conduct) Sanjeevini

DS 188 Honesty Sanjeevini

DS 189 Prema (Love) Sanjeevini

DS 190 Sathya (Truth) Sanjeevini

DS 191 Anthrax Sanjeevini

DS 192 Ego (Ahamkara ) Sanjeevini

DS 193 Fear (Bhayam) Sanjeevini

DS 194 Greed (Lobha)Sanjevini

DS 195 Lust (Kama) Sanjeevini:

DS 196 Yellow Fever Sanjeevini

DS 197 Addiction - Computer

DS 198 Addiction - Phone Chats

DS 199 Addiction - Television

DS 200 Asteya Sanjeevini (nonstealing)

DS 201 Cleanliness ( Shaucha)Sanjeevini

DS 202 Compassion (Karuna) Sanjeevini

DS 203 Confidence Sanjeevini

DS 204 Control of Senses (Indriya Nigraha) Sanj.

DS 205 -Cosumerism Sanjeevini

DS 206 Cruelty Sanjeevini

DS 207 Detachment (Vairagya) Sanjeevini

DS 208 Determination Sanjeevini

DS 209 Drinking Water (for all) Sanjeevini

DS 210 Environmental Pollution - Air Sanjeevini,

DS 211 Environmental Pollution - Earth Sanjeevini

DS 212 Environmental Pollution - Space Sanjeevini

DS 213 Environmental Pollution - Water Sanjeevini

DS 214 Envy Sanjeevini

DS 217 Fear of Sin Sanjeevini

DS 219 Hatred Sanjeevini

DS 223 Kidnap Sanjeevini

DS 230 Poverty Sanjeevini

DS 243 Appreciation Sanjeevini

DS 244 Auspiciousness Sanjeevini

DS 245 Awareness Sanjeevini

DS 246 Brahmacharya Sanjeevini

DS 247 Consolation Sanjeevini

DS 250 Dignified Housing for all 

DS 256 Protection Sanjeevini

DS 263 Yearning for Selfless Service Sanjeevini

DS 264 Yearning for Spiritual Wisdom Sanjeevini


DS 1 ACID (acidity, colic, indigestion) Sanjeevini

Acidity : Our blood is alkaline and the body does not take to acidity very kindly. Acidity (which means deviation from the normal alkaline balance) can occur in any part of the body. In India when people say they have "acidity" they mean that they have what is known in the west as heartburn. Acidity is a more accurate word since the condition has nothing to do with the heart.

Acidity in the system can cause, amongst others, the following disorders:

  1. Ulcers in the alimentary canal (anywhere from mouth to anus) 2. Rheumatism, Arthritis, Gout
  2. Renal (kidney) failure 4. Skin disorders like Urticaria, Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne etc. 5. Infertility in women. (All these conditions have been dealt with separately under the relevant Sanjeevini).

Colic : Colic means pain in the abdominal area that comes in waves with pain free intervals. This could be due to various causes. This Sanjeevini is for providing relief from the pain and to remove or to bring to our awareness, the cause of the pain. If the pain is in the upper right hand corner of the abdomen, just where the ribs end, it could relate to the gall bladder or liver (see relevant Sanjeevinis for details). If it is spread over the abdomen it could be indigestion.

Indigestion : Indigestion means the inability of the body to digest what it is taking in. Please see details under Digestion Sanjeevini.

Possible factors causing acidity, colic and indigestion: Stress and diet are the chief factors. Other reasons could be allopathic drugs.  Aspirin can cause acidity and even haemorrhage.

DS 2 Addictions (all types) Sanjeevini For this Sanjeevini the prayer has been to give strength of mind and conviction to the person having the addiction, to give it up, first by removing dependency and subsequently by creating an aversion. Many people have been helped with it. In most of the cases, the affected person did not know that he/she was being given the Sanjeevini - either in water by a loved one, or through broadcasting at a distance, using the Multiplication and Broadcasting card (See Section 3.10.2). In those cases where the person concerned himself/herself came forward to be helped, we prepared the Sanjeevini (in Vibhuthi or globules) and asked the person to take a pinch of vibhuti or a globule every time there was an urge to indulge in the addiction - be it smoking, drinking, drugs, or tobacco chewing. The results have often amazed us.

There are  four Addiction Sanjeevinis - separately for Alcohol, Caffeine, Nicotine, and Drugs (DS 151 to DS 154). You can combine this main Sanjeevini with one or more of the above Addiction Sanjeevinis as required. You can also use the Blood, Liver, Kidney and Lungs Sanjeevinis in order to cleanse these organs of the accumulated toxins. The Whole Body Sanjeevini can also be used since it asks for forgiveness.

There are yet another 3 important Addiction Sanjeevinis  which are increasingly needed by children and adults. DS 197 Addiction - Computer Sanjeevini + DS 198 Addiction - Phone Chats Sanjeevini + DS 199 Addiction - TV Sanjeevini

DS 5 Allergies Sanjeevini : Suppression of all kinds of allergic reactions with drugs causes them to go inward and wreak havoc inside the body at a deeper level. An allergy is a very kind reminder from our "radar" or warning system that a total breakdown of health is approaching. Anti-histamines which are usually taken indiscriminately by "allergic" people only succeed in shutting down this "radar" that the body uses to warn us. In the natural way we do not call these conditions (hayfever, urticaria, cough, sneezing) "diseases" - they are the body's immune response to having come in contact with something it does not like e.g. bacteria, viruses, allergens. Most of us respond from fear and panic. When we operate from fear and panic, our decisions and actions are warped and seldom in our best interest. Knowledge is power and provides us with confidence, determination and a clear head to take the right steps to restore wellness.

Use this Sanjeevini for all types of Allergies.

DS 15 Bleeding (haemorrhage) Sanjeevini : Use this Sanjeevini for internal and external bleeding. It can be used for injuries, nose bleed, uterine bleeding, prostate bleeding, intestinal bleeding, bleeding piles - anything. Often it has answered in less than 10 minutes. Please note that you should take the Sanjeevinis along with other medical emergency action that needs to be taken to stop the bleeding. Use this Sanjeevini as an emergency first aid until medical help is made available. If you do not have the Sanjeevini Cards with you, mentally recall the name of the Sanjeevini a few times with the prayer for healing.

Related Sanjeevinis : Veins and Arteries Problems, Emergency, Blockages, Injury, Tetanus (Disease Sanjeevinis) and Circulatory System, Endocrine System (Body Part Sanjeevinis). Please remember that you can add the body part where the bleeding is actually occurring e.g. Nose, Prostate, Female, Leg and Foot etc.

Dosage : To be sipped in water as frequently as possible. This Sanjeevini has worked miraculously through broadcast as well, on seriously haemorrhaging patients in distant towns. Please do work with  Broadcasting.

DS 16 Blockages Sanjeevini : This is a very beautiful Sanjeevini for removing blockages of all kinds - in our body physiology, in our environment (e.g. blocked plumbing) and in our life. It can be used for blocked arteries, blocked tear ducts in the eyes, bad circulation in diabetic patients - virtually any blockage.

Related Sanjeevinis: Almost all Diseases and Body Parts Sanjeevinis could relate to this Sanjeevini and be used with it. The choice is yours.

DS 20 Body Imbalance Sanjeevini : If there is a problem in maintaining the balance of the body - as in Vertigo, Meniere's Disease etc. - then this Sanjeevini can be used. There are separate Sanjeevinis for both these problems as well.

It can also be used when the physical body is unbalanced - as in Scoliosis (curvature of the spine). Use in conjunction with the Spine, Bone, Chest Sanjeevinis, when there is Scoliosis. also conditions like Leucorrhoea (vaginal discharge), Menopause, Menstrual Disorders, Threatened Miscarriage, Fibroids, Tumours, Cysts and Growths, Prolapsed Uterus, Infertility and Pre-Menstrual Tension.

DS 30 Childbirth Sanjeevini : This has the potent healing energy of a fervent and focused prayer for a safe, complications free childbirth. To be used along with the Pregnancy Sanjeevini as the time for delivery approaches.

DS 39 Diabetes (adult) Sanjeevini : For healing all symptoms and causes of Diabetes related problems. Used with BPS 38 Pancreas Sanjeevini and other relevant Sanjeevinis like Immune System Sanjeevini.

DS 42 Digestion Sanjeevini : For healing and revitalising the entire process of digestion and assimilation of nutrients. Use it for all Digestion related disorders. Please see SSC 16 Digestion Combination under Selected Sanjeevini Combinations.

DS 46  Drawing Sanjeevini : This is meant for drawing out any morbid matter or foreign matter which is causing harm to the body. Also can be used for drawing out any negative emotion or tendency in the mind.

Use this Sanjeevini for:

  1. Drawing out pus from boils or injuries.
  2. Drawing out stones from kidneys or gall bladder.
  3. Drawing out a piece of glass or a thorn that has gone into the skin or any foreign object that has gone into the eyes or ears.
  4. Drawing out from the mind negative emotions like Anger, Envy, Hatred, Greed, or tendencies like lethargy.

DS 48 Emergency Sanjeevini : This Sanjeevini should be used for all kinds of Emergencies – medical, financial, emotional, natural calamities, social unrest, domestic conflicts, wars. 

The Sanjeevini also  includes fervent prayers to the Divine  for urgently reestablishing harmony and peace in all the five elements to subdue and quieten mother nature's fury in the form of floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, Tsunamis, Forest fires. It also has the fervent prayers for an urgent healing help for all those affected by the calamity.

Give in water for frequent sipping when there is an emergency like asthma attack, heart attack, accident, emotional shock etc. Add it to all the Broadcasts for critical cases  including Calamities.

DS 50 Fevers and Flu (all) Sanjeevini : To heal all root causes of all types of fevers and flu. Use this Sanjeevini for Malaria, Typhoid, Chicken pox, Measles, Mumps, Tonsilitis, Diphtheria, Filaria, Dengue, Meningitis, Yellow Fever, Bird flu and Swine Flu.

Also to be used as a Preventive during epidemics.

DS 100 Pregnancy Sanjeevini : For a disease free, healthy completion of this life bestowing natural process. Has the subtle healing and nourishing energy to keep the mother and baby healthy at the body, mind and spirit level.

DS 143 SAFE Sanjeevini : Scars of Abuse, Fears Eradication Sanjeevini. It is to be used in all cases where there are fears, complexes and psychological conditions for any reason (including Schizophrenia) and any other condition which the healer or the patient feels (eg. Cancer) can be attributed to any kind of "abuse" - sexual or otherwise - recent or long past from childhood.

DS 145 Ahimsa (Non Violence) Sanjeevini : Our planet is witnessing unprecedented violence. Mother Earth and her creatures are crying out at the abuse heaped at them. The karmic results are there for all to see – the violence of man against man. We request all healers to make a sample of the Ahimsa Sanjeevini and keep it on a permanent broadcast to Mother Earth. Let us pray that all kinds of violence ceases on this planet:

This Sanjeevini can also be given to someone who is:

  1. Violent in thought, word and deed.
  2. Those who wish to give up eating animal products but can not help themselves.
  3. Anyone, who in the opinion of the healer, needs it.

For giving it as a remedy in the above cases combine it with SSC1 Sarva Shakti Shanthi  Combination and SSC 60 Awakening of Divine Values Combination.

DS 146 Canine Distemper Sanjeevini : This is for dogs . May be used as a preventive also. Combine it with SSC 21 Fever Combination, SSC 27 Liver Combination and  SSC 30 Paralysis Combination, if the symptoms have already set in. Please see SSC 58 Animals and Birds Combination for more details.

DS 147 Fungal Infections (all) Sanjeevini : This can be used for all kinds of Fungal infections including Candida. Combine it with the relevant Combinations or Sanjeevinis- for example with SSC 33 Skin Combination for fungal infection on the skin. SSC 20 Female Combination for candida or for other fungal infections of the female reproductory tract; Mouth Sanjeevini for  thrush in the Mouth and so on. May also be used as an external application or as a douche. Fungal infections (in fact all skin ailments) are also immensely helped by washing the relevant parts in Neem (margosa) water (prepared by boiling 8 to 10 neem leaves  in 1 ½ cups of water for 5 minutes). If neem does not grow in your part of the world, take some with you from India. The leaves can be dried in the shade and stored indefinitely. They are light to carry and available in plenty all over India.

Diet plays a big role in fungal infections. Animal products, sugars (this includes all sweets) so called soft drinks – must be avoided or kept to a minimum.. Do not combine fruits with anything else – preferably eat them on a completely empty stomach only.

DS 148 Herpes (simplex) Sanjeevini : This Sanjeevini may be used for genital herpes or recurring cold sores. Combine with the relevant Combinations ( Male or Female). Use as an external application too. Neem water as in Fungal infection may be used with great benefit too.

DS 149 Osteoporosis Sanjeevini : Combine Osteoporosis Sanjeevini with Bone Sanjeevini and also add SSC 12 Cleansing and Kidney Combination (because kidneys have been put under great pressure when the calcium from the bones has been leaving the body). Diet is an important factor to look at for reversing osteoporosis. If Menopause is part of the problem, add SSC 20 (c ) Menopause Combination

DS 150 Scabies (including Mange for Animals) Sanjeevini : Use this with SSC 33 Skin Combination. May also be used as a rinse or lotion as well. Neem can also be used as explained in DS 147 Fungal Infection. 

Please do use it for animals whenever required. It works very well on them.

DS 151 Addictions (Alcohol Related) Sanjeevini

DS 152 Addictions (Caffeine Related) Sanjeevini

DS 153 Addictions (Nicotine Related) Sanjeevini

DS 154 Addictions (Drug Related) Sanjeevini

The prayer in all these is to remove dependency by healing the underlying deeper causes and to subsequently create an aversion. For medically prescribed drugs, please do not discontinue immediately - as the underlying condition improves (please treat the underlying causes with the Sanjeevinis simultaneously e.g. depression or epilepsy), the drug can be slowly reduced and over a long period tapered off and discontinued as the situation demands under the guidance of your medical doctor.

Please see SSC 40 Addictions Combination in the Selected Sanjeevini Combinations Chapter for more.

Also see DS 205  Consumerism Sanjeevini for the addiction of Shopping.

DS 155 Anger Sanjeevini  Anger is one of the six inner enemies of man which prevent him from experiencing his eternal true inherent nature of peace, love and bliss - the other five being – Desire (Kama), Greed (lobha), Attachment (moha), Pride (mada) and Jealousy (madsarya). Desire (Kama) is the womb from which all the other five enemies are born. Ceiling on desires is therefore a very important spiritual practice for experiencing the treasures of peace, love and bliss within.

Anger Sanjeevini is part of SSC 59 Removal of Negative Emotions Combination which has many other Negative emotions Sanjeevinis which drain our vital energy.

SSC 1 (a) is the Combination for Anger. Please see other "Mental" or "Emotional" Sanjeevinis under SSC 1 which may be required to be added - e.g. Examination Stress, Anxiety, Phobias, Dementia, Schizophrenia, Entities etc.

DS 156 Antitoxin - Heavy Metals Sanjeevini  This Sanjeevini can be used for most people today - the air we breathe, the utensils we cook in, the water pipes - everything it appears is conspiring to poison us with toxic metals - and there are really very few choices left for us. This Sanjeevini can be added permanently to the basic Liver Combination and the  SSC 12 Cleansing and Kidney Combination .

DS 157 SS - Antitoxin - Dental Fillings Sanjeevini  The silver/mercury fillings which we have received from childhood are slow poisons for our body - because as everyone knows - mercury is a deadly poison. It slowly leaches into our system causing our liver to get sluggish. Add this Sanjeevini also to the basic Liver Combination (SSC 27) and the Cleansing and Kidney Combination (SSC 12).

DS 158 Anxiety Sanjeevini

DS 165 Depression Sanjeevini

DS 166 Entities Sanjeevini

DS 167 Examination Stress Sanjeevini

DS 169 Forgiveness Sanjeevini

DS 171 Indecisiveness Sanjeevini

DS 176 Phobias (specific and non specific) Sanjeevini

DS 179 Resentment Sanjeevini

SSC 1 Sarva Shakthi Shanthi and SSC 60 Awakening of Divine Values Combination is the base combination for all the above negative emotions related Sanjeevinis and again more than one of the emotional/mental Sanjeevinis may be called for. Please see the sub combination under SSC 1 in the Selected Sanjeevini Combinations Chapter for each of the above emotions related Sanjeevinis.

For DS 166 Entities Sanjeevini : (i.e. bhooth which can enter the body of a person through black magic, tantra, or simply through having the defences down due to addictions like alcohol or drugs), in addition to this Sanjeevini the patient should chant the Gayathri Mantra and or the Hanuman Chalisa which are specific for removing entities i.e. if the patient's religious sentiments permit. Otherwise, whichever is the relevant prayer from the patient's own religion may be used. If the patient cannot chant the relevant prayer, a tape can play within earshot of the patient.

DS 167 Examination Stress Sanjeevini : can be used for all of life's examinations and tests - not only for students' appearing for academic examinations.

DS 169 Forgiveness Sanjeevini : Forgiving others and seeking forgiveness are two very important requirements for self-healing and for creating an environment which nourishes wholistic health from within and without.

When we refuse to forgive others unconditionally we allow the negative emotions of resentment, bitterness, hatred to fester in our mind which becomes the root cause of several chronic ailments including tumours and cancers.

We can seek forgiveness from God during a calamity on behalf of one's self, one's family, one's village, the whole country, the whole of humanity - for the wrongs any one may have committed knowingly or unknowingly, individually or collectively, because of which this devastating Calamity has happened.

Seeking forgiveness from the depths of our heart is a simple but powerful practice to clear our individual and collective Karmic debts. It opens up channels of self healing.

Please try this out for a month with all seriousness and sincerity to experience its positive benefits.


“The meek can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”

-Mahatma Gandhi

 DS 179 Resentment Sanjeevini and DS 169 Forgiveness Sanjeevini: These will often be required to be used together since these emotions are related - although resentment is also to do with lack of gratitude. It is unbelievable what these two conditions - resentment and incapacity to forgive - can do inside the body. These conditions are the seeds of physical manifestations of many diseases including cancers and tumours. Resentment is cancer at the emotional level.

Please use these two Sanjeevinis liberally and also share their importance with patients. Both are vital for self healing.

DS 171 Indecisiveness Sanjeevini : This can be used not only for a patient but the healer himself or herself could take it if he or she cannot decide on how to treat the patient.

DS 176 Phobias Sanjeevini : This can be used for both specific phobias (like claustrophobia or phobias about certain insects or heights) and non-specific phobias - like a deep lying fear of unknown origin or cause.

DS 159 Better Memory Sanjeevini : Named as it is, there is no one who will not "want" this Sanjeevini. But there is also a pun on the word "better" - when we can recall only the negatives of our life - its time to use this Sanjeevini for recall of "better" days and experiences. Of course it is also for improving the memory and SSC 10 Brain Power Combination is the base for it.  Also please see SSC 68 in Chapter 4.

DS 160  Bone Disorders (Growths) Sanjeevini :  To be used together with the Bone Sanjeevini for bunions, growths, spurs under the sole of the foot etc. with the Cleansing Combination (SSC 12). Also use for crystal formations and deposits on and between the vertebrae in spondylosis and other spine conditions. There are sometimes growths on the hip or shoulder as well. Use DS 160 with the relevant body part Sanjeevinis and SSC 12.

DS 161 Crohn's Disease Sanjeevini : Although known as Crohn's Disease Sanjeevini, this Sanjeevini also covers Celiac disease. Crohn's Disease is a chronic inflammation of the intestine - usually the last part of the small intestine at the lower right end of the abdomen. However it can occur in other parts of the intestine as well. The inflammation can heal but often leaves scar tissue behind which can cause a blockage in the intestine. It starts most often in young adults. Celiac Disease on the other hand is usually diagnosed in infancy.

Both diseases show allergy/sensitivity to dairy products and gluten (which is present in many grains esp. wheat) Note - rice does not have gluten. In India these conditions are sometimes referred to as Colitis. There is a causal relationship between vaccinations and Crohn's Disease and Celiac disease.

SSC 16 Digestion combination is the base for this Sanjeevini but it should also include  DS 185 Vaccine Antidote Sanjeevini. Please refer to SSC 16 (k)

DS 162 Dandruff Sanjeevini : This Sanjeevini is to be used in conjunction with Skin Combination (SSC 33) and Hair Combination (SSC 23). Diet plays a dominant role - please see Skin Combination (SSC 33) for details on diet.

Please see SSC 23 (b) Dandruff problems Combination.

DS 163 Dementia Sanjeevini : Brain Power Combination (SSC 10) is the base for this Sanjeevini. This Sanjeevini is also to be used for Alzheimer's Disease. Use also Anti-toxin (Heavy Metals) Sanjeevini with Liver Combination . Aluminium and other metals have a causal relationship with this problem.

DS 164 Dengue (all types) Sanjeevini : This Sanjeevini is to be used for all types and strains of Dengue Fever. Use with Fever Combination SSC 21) and Bleeding Combination (SSC 6) - use any other combinations and Sanjeevinis depending on symptoms. Please see SSC 21 (i) in Chapter 4.

DS 168 Flourosis Sanjeevini : Flourosis is the condition of the body brought about by natural fluoride in the ground water supply e.g. what we see in Andhra Pradesh in India. Affected persons' bones begin to twist and turn in the most grotesque fashion. It is beginning to show its ugly head in many parts of India and unfortunately the medical establishment has responded by asking people to drink more milk. This will only create further problems. The solution lies in reverting to using tamarind (well cooked) in our food and doing away with the imported habit of cooking food with tomatoes. It is also good to use lemon in the food frequently. Three years ago when a fluoride conference was held in Puttaparthi eminent doctors from all over the world applauded Baba's intricate knowledge of the subject but they obviously weren't listening to what He was saying - He said people have given up the habit of eating tamarind and lemon - these habits should be inculcated in young children so that they grow up healthy. Tamarind has the unique capacity to bind the excess fluoride and remove it from the body.

DS 170 Hyperactivity Sanjeevini : This is a problem we see mostly in children. The problem is becoming so rampant that we now have a medical name for it - Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Syndrome. The medical world has responded by making an onslaught on the children's brains with drugs that put the brain to sleep. That is not the answer - after all how many of the world's children are we going to drug into permanent "sleep"? The solutions lie in finding causes and we would be foolish to turn a blind eye to the fact that these children respond almost instantly to change in diet - from a meat and junk food based diet to a vegetarian diet (no meat, no eggs, minimal milk) using wholesome foods. Nothing from packets and bottles. There is however an even more basic cause - why have children in the last 15 years or so developed more and more allergies and sensitivities? Many impartial researchers, doctors, and scientists are pointing the finger at vaccinations (please see DS 185 Vaccine antidote Sanjeevini for more details). This Sanjeevini can be combined with SSC 55 Vaccine antidote combination and dietary restrictions observed - the results might surprise you.

DS 172 Leukaemia Sanjeevini : This Sanjeevini is for  blood cancer - please use it along with SSC 3 Anaemia Combination + BPS 52 Bone Marrow Sanjeevini  + SSC 22 Glands Combination  + DS 26 Cancer Sanjeevini. If it is childhood leukaemia - please add the Vaccine Antidote Combination (see DS 185 below). Some Nature Cure schools of thought advocate the following:

First thing in the morning the patient can eat 1 teaspoon of freshly chopped onions + 1 teaspoon of freshly chopped tomatoes with a tiny pinch of red chillie powder - all mixed together. Although results may be seen very soon the practice should continue for a long period. There are people who have reported remarkable success using this method. It certainly cannot do any harm.

DS 173 Meningitis Sanjeevini : This Sanjeevini is for both viral and bacterial infection of the meninges, the membrane that covers the brain. Combine it with SSC 21 Fever Combination. Add other combinations according to symptoms e.g. headache, neck pain etc. Make the Sanjeevini combination in water and give frequently. Keep the patient on a liquid diet consisting of juices and blended fruits.

DS 174 Oxygenation Sanjeevini :Lack of oxygen is something most of us are “suffering” from. Partly the blame lies in the polluted environment but partly we ourselves are to blame as well. We have forgotten how to breathe. This is the reason that most meditation techniques start with concentrating on the breath - simple awareness of the breathing pattern as each breath enters and leaves the nostrils. Even in our busy schedules all of us should be able to spend a few minutes standing at an open window and breathing deeply. Start by breathing out deeply so that the lungs are cleansed of old stale air. Please do not use your nose as a pump. Instead concentrate on abdominal breathing which is the Yogic way of breathing. Move your abdomen upwards, expand your lungs and the chest area in general. This causes a vacuum to be created and air is sucked in effortlessly in large quantities. Try pausing for about 4 to 8 seconds between each inhalation and exhalation and the next inhalation. Retention of breath improves respiration.

The Oxygenation Sanjeevini is to help improve the oxygen level in the body. Combine it with SSC 1 Sarva Shakthi Shanthi Combination + SSC 60 Divine Values Combination + BPS 6 Body Tissue Sanjeevini  +  BPS 11 Circulatory System Sanjeevini + BPS 53 Lung Sanjeevini  + BPS 33 Muscle Sanjeevini.

All this must be added to the combination which is being given to the patient for his or her specific problem (e.g. anaemia, cancer, AIDS, bronchitis, arthritis etc.)

DS 175 PBFD Sanjeevini : This Sanjeevini is for use in Parrots and Cockatoos. This is apparently a quick-spreading disease that can destroy large flocks of these birds. Use this Sanjeevini as a remedy as well as a preventive. When an epidemic is around add a few drops of the charged water to the general drinking water every day. The whole flock (farm, clinic etc.) can also be put on broadcast. Please see SSC 58 Animals and Birds Combination in Chapter 4.

DS 177 Poisoning (all types) Sanjeevini : This Sanjeevini is for all kinds of poisoning - combine it with the SSC 27 Liver Combination  and SSC 12 Cleansing and Kidney Combination + SSC 39 Vomiting Combination. If it is a case of food poisoning please add SSC 21 Fever Combination + SSC 16(f) Diarrhoea/Dysentery Combination.

In India every summer and monsoon, great hype is generated by the media and the government about gastro-enteritis - and water is blamed for all ills. The truth is that in many cases the problem is caused by milk, milk products, eggs and non-vegetarian food in general. With frequent power cuts refrigeration of sweets, yoghurt, ice creams is far from ideal. Wonders can be achieved in this area if people are warned against consumption of milk and milk products during the summer and monsoon months besides concentrating on clean water.

DS 178 Pre-Menstrual Tension Sanjeevini : The monthly menstrual cycle is an event that allows for a physical & emotional cleansing, and in many ancient cultures is revered as a time for sacred contemplation and rest. However, it is to the advantage of those who stand to benefit (pharmaceutical companies mostly) to make a woman feel that she has a disease and that she needs special medical care from the time of menarche (on set of the monthly cycle at age 13) till the time she finally reaches menopause. At that time for one reason or the other (mostly irrelevant) a hysterectomy is performed and she becomes totally dependent on hormones for the rest of her life.

Every woman must empower herself with the knowledge that PMT is caused mostly by dietary factors. If you are on a meat, junk food diet – please try getting off it. Switch to more and more fresh fruits, vegetables and grains, minimal milk. Further empower yourself by using this Sanjeevini combined with the SSC 20 Female Combination. Take three doses a day for 2 - 3 months. When and if the problem does come take this combination in water as frequently as required. If there is pain please add the SSC 18 Emergency Combination.

DS 180 Schizophrenia Sanjeevini  SSC 1 (j) is the Selected Sanjeevini Combination for Schizophrenia which is an abnormal social behavior in which the person develops confused thinking, feels very uncomfortable in his/her social interactions  and has very low motivation for doing anything.

This Sanjeevini is to be combined with SSC 29 (a)  Puberty (boys) Combination + Add other combinations according to symptoms - e.g. Anger, Resentment,  Addictions (nicotine) and so on.

DS 181 Soil Rejuvenation Sanjeevini : As we are all aware, the earth's soil is getting depleted of not only the top soil but also the delicately balanced eco-system which sustains it. Efforts to repair the damage are fragmented. In India the government is making very little  efforts to move into ecologically sound agricultural practices. The large scale usage of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides which are heavily subsidized by the government, is wreaking havoc on the environment.

Please see SSC 57 Soil Rejuvenation Combination. Place the combination on broadcast to planet earth or the map of a specific piece of land. The watering system could have the combination added to it once a day or the seeds themselves can be charged with the combination.

DS 182 Sweat Disorders Sanjeevini : Combine this Sanjeevini with SSC 33 Skin Combination + SSC 22 Glands Combination. Add the relevant body parts e.g. hands, feet, head, body (left side/right side) etc.

It can be used for those who sweat too much or too little or from one specific body part or only on one side of the body. If the person is sweating on the left side only please add Body - Right side Sanjeevini (since “not sweating” is the problem here).

DS 183 Tetanus Sanjeevini : This Sanjeevini is actually already included in the Injury Sanjeevini but there was a great demand from healers who became aware of the negative effects of the Tetanus Vaccine, for a separate Sanjeevini.

As a preventive, add this Sanjeevini to the SSC 26 Injury Combination  (although not adding it would really not make a difference since it is already programmed into the Injury Sanjeevini). To anti-dote the damaging effects of the vaccine if it has already been taken, please use this Sanjeevini together with SSC 55 Vaccine Antidote combination.

DS 184 Ticks & Fleas (for animals) : Use this Sanjeevini with the SSC 23 Hair Combination + BPS 54 Whole Body Sanjeevini + SSC 12 Cleansing Combination both internally in their drinking water and as a wash. For street dogs - we can broadcast the Sanjeevini or add it to their drinking water. We have found that most street dogs only rarely get ticks - the domestic pets are the ones that get easily infested! That speaks volumes – do the vaccines and diet play a role? Besides, stray dogs immerse themselves in mud and slush to (a) suffocate the ticks and fleas and (b) to ease the itching.

There has been very positive feedback for this Sanjeevini. Please do use it whenever needed. Here is what one user from Italy wrote.

               “Hello! I have been using the Sanjeevinis for about a month now. I have four dogs and I have had great success with the Ticks and Fleas remedy. We have been struggling with fleas for quite some time now due to stray cats frequently visiting our yard. After I gave them the remedy the fleas were gone within the week. I also put out some water bowls with the remedy for the cats”

DS 185 Vaccine Antidote Sanjeevini : This Sanjeevini is for antidoting all negative effects of every Vaccination.

Vaccination is an extremely controversial subject. The mainstream medical world of course believes that vaccinations are critical for prevention of several diseases, specially childhood diseases.  Those opposed to vaccinations argue that people should be made aware of the well known serious health risks associated with vaccinations and be allowed to make their own informed choices. They also believe that childhood diseases are important milestones in the growth of the immune system of the child and should not be suppressed.  

It is a well known (but least publicized) fact that Vaccines can have adverse effects ranging from fever, convulsions, to very serious conditions like brain damage, autism, SIDS (sudden Infant death syndrome). The Vaccine  Antidote Sanjeevini prayer has the healing vibrations for antidoting the adverse effects of the vaccine at a deep subtle level no matter how long ago the vaccination was taken. Please read more on this important subject under SSC 55 Vaccine Antidote Combination in the Chapter on Selected Sanjeevini Combinations.

DS 186 Vertigo Sanjeevini : This Sanjeevini is already programmed into the Meniere's Disease Sanjeevini (DS 81) but there was a great demand from healers to have a separate Sanjeevini for vertigo. Add this Sanjeevini to the SSC 17 (e) Vertigo  and Giddiness Combination.

DS 187 Dharma (Right Conduct) Sanjeevini

DS 188 Honesty Sanjeevini

DS 189 Prema (Love) Sanjeevini

DS 190 Sathya (Truth) Sanjeevini

DS 191 Anthrax Sanjeevini

DS 192 Ego (Ahamkara ) Sanjeevini

DS 193 Fear (Bhayam) Sanjeevini

DS 194 Greed (Lobha)Sanjevini

DS 195 Lust (Kama) Sanjeevini

DS 196 Yellow Fever Sanjeevini

Sathya (Truth), Dharma(Right Conduct), Shakthi(Divine energy), Shanthi(Divine Peace), Prema (Divine Love), Ahimsa(Non violence), Honesty, Forgiveness are divine values inherent in every being.

These values are the eternal attributes of the true essence of every being. This true essence or Reality is known by several names – Divinity, Higher Self, Atman, Soul, Supreme Consciousness, Rooh, Ahura Mazda, Ik  Onkar, God, Paramatman, Brahman…

When these values are manifested in our beliefs, thoughts, feelings, words and actions in our daily lives, we experience peace, harmony, wellness, fulfillment and bliss naturally and effortlessly. We can then easily understand that all beings have the same divine essence. Loving all, serving all, helping ever hurting never then becomes our joyful nature.

Whenever these values are not manifested in our beliefs, thoughts, feelings, words and conduct, we experience fear, worry, discord, dissatisfaction, conflicts, and dis-ease at the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual levels. Ego, fear, greed, lust, anger, attachment, envy, pride, resentment and other negative emotions are our worst inner enemies. These are the chief cause of all misery, suffering and sorrow in our lives.

Living by divine values and conquering the inner enemies are the cherished goals of every spiritual aspirant. All sadhnas (spiritual practices or disciplines) are undertaken with these two objectives as the focus for attaining the supreme goal of self realization, the state of perennial bliss.

Important note of caution to be observed whilst dispensing or broadcasting the divine values Sanjeevinis or the negativity related Sanjeevinis.

Always dispense or broadcast the Value related Sanjeevinis and the Negative emotions related Sanjeevinis to others with love and compassion and without any trace of judgment. As people using the Sanjeevini healing fragrances to relieve suffering of others it is important that we look up to every being as the embodiment of divinity and pure love. As healer's we have no moral authority to judge whether or not someone is being truthful, or following the right conduct, or suffering from greed, fear, envy, lust and ego. We must serve every being lovingly and selflessly with a pure heart. Of course each person can certainly take any of these Sanjeevinis for oneself liberally for self improvement and self purification.

Please see SSC 60 Awakening of Divine Values Combination and SSC 59 Protection from Negative Emotions Combination.

DS 187 Dharma (Right Conduct) Sanjeevini

Dharma is a divine virtue with many dimensions. Some of these are listed below:

Dharma is duty. Dharma is discipline. Dharma is discrimination. Dharma is respect for parents. Dharma is respect for women, Dharma is self reliance. Dharma is cleanliness. Dharma is justice. Dharma is ceiling on desires. Dharma is perseverance. Dharma is sense control. Dharma is courage and determination. Dharma is helping ever, hurting never. Dharma is the voice of Conscience.

Dharma Sanjeevini DS 187 is a fervent prayer to God (the Supreme Embodiment of Dharma) for the full outward manifestation of this divine value in thoughts, feelings, attitudes, beliefs, words and actions. The prayer also seeks protection from all negative traits or forces (like ego, fear, lust, anger, greed, attachment, envy, pride) which hinder the full manifestation of this God gifted divine virtue inherently present deep within every being.

“Dharmo rakshati rakshitah”. Any one who lives by Dharma (Right Conduct) will always have divine protection. This is the eternal law of the universe given in all the scriptures.

Please use the Dharma (Right conduct) Sanjeevini for everyone as a spiritual tonic for removal of all ailments at the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual levels and as a protective armour against all negativity. Include it in all your broadcasts as well as a part of SSC 60

Cowardice says- Is it safe?

Avarice says - Is there gain?

Vanity says - Will I become famous?

Lust says - Is there pleasure?

Conscience says - Is it right?

Follow the conscience.”

-Swami Sivananda

DS 188 Honesty Sanjeevini : Honesty is a sub value of the divine values of Sathya (Truth) and Dharma (Right Conduct). Honesty is a great virtue. It promotes self sacrifice, integrity, courage, fearlessness, peace and harmony. Dishonesty is a cause of stress, fear, anxiety and therefore the cause of physical and mental diseases and spiritual emptiness.

In today's age the temptation to adopt dishonest means is very high. The Honesty Sanjeevini prayer seeks protection from all such temptations. We can use this Sanjeevini for ourselves to stay on the virtuous path. And of course use it liberally for others too to help them stay away from the inevitable suffering caused by dishonesty.

Use it for your self, family, friends, students, businessman, bureaucrats, politicians, educationists, doctors, lawyers as a protective shield for everyone. Use it whenever you are guided from within. Add it to every broadcast that you set up.

“Some say that since this is Kali Yuga (the present age of negative tendencies), falsehood alone can succeed. But, in spite of all appearances, honesty is still the best policy. One lie has to be buttressed by a hundred others; whereas truth is the easiest, simplest and safest line of behaviour. Be what you profess to be; speak what you intend to do; utter what you have experienced; no more, no less.”

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

DS 189 Prema (Love) Sanjeevini : Prema or Love is God. God is Love. Divine love has all the positive facets of life in it because it is verily the energy of God.

Prema or Love is compassion. Love is forgiveness Love is kindness. Love is patience. Love is caring and sharing. Love consoles. Love liberates, Love is fearlessness. Love is wholeness. Love is selflessness. Love helps ever hurts never. It is unconditional. It serves all. Love is the most powerful healing energy in the universe. It is the panacea for all ailments and problems in the world. Love unites. Love is oneness (with entire creation)  Love is eternal.

It is important to bear in mind that Prema or Divine Love is not to be confused with worldly love which is selfish, full of expectations, limiting and binding. Worldly love is based on attachment to wealth, power, fame, objects, places and people. Worldly love is temporary. It can change into hatred or indifference very quickly since it always seeks something in return. Divine love seeks no requital. It is unconditional, pure, blemish less.

DS 189 Prema (Love) Sanjeevini is a prayer to God (the Supreme Embodiment of Prema) for the full outward manifestation of this divine value in thoughts, feelings, attitudes, beliefs, words and actions. The prayer also seeks protection from all negative traits or forces (like ego, fear, lust, anger, greed, attachment, envy, pride) which hinder the full manifestation of this God gifted divine virtue inherently present deep within every being.

“Develop Prema, divine Love, which has no blemish of attachment, is unaffected by gusts of passion, is pure, and free from egoism or the desire to possess. Then alone can you experience the Light, and illumine the path for others. Be like bees hovering on the Glory of the Lord, sucking the nectar of Grace, silently and joyfully.”

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

DS 190 Sathya (Truth) Sanjeevini : Sathya (Truth) is that which is unchanging and eternal. Truth is God. All the different dimensions of this Divine Value are aspects of Divinity. Truth is Justice, Truth is Trust. Truth is sincerity and integrity. Truth is fearlessness. Truth is harmony of thought, word and deed. Truth is the unchanging, eternal, blemish less divine spark in every being.

“Satyam Vada Dharmam Chara”  is a well known teaching from ancient wisdom. Always speak the truth and act or conduct yourself in accordance with what is virtuous and right. “Sathyameva Jayate” meaning truth alone triumphs, is another profound teaching from the ancient scriptures. It is the national motto of India. Indeed 'truth alone conquers and not falsehood' is a teaching which is universal. It is the basic foundation of all faiths and the essence of spirituality. When we live by Sathya, Dharma and Prema, we will always experience Shanthi (the supreme peace) within us. On the contrary if we are negligent about the disciplines of Sathya (truth) and Dharma (right conduct), there will be fear, anxiety, stress, lack of peace, dis-ease.

Sathya (Truth) Sanjeevini is a prayer to God (the Supreme Embodiment of Truth) for the full outward manifestation of this divine value in thoughts, feelings, attitudes, beliefs, words and actions. The prayer also seeks protection from all negative traits or forces (like ego, fear, lust, anger, greed, attachment, envy, pride) which hinder the full manifestation of this God gifted divine virtue inherently present deep within every being.

“What is this life-time? Is it to struggle in the mire or march straight on to the eternal? You will get millions to tell you what is pleasing to you, but it is difficult to get one in a million who can tell you what is good for you. What is good for you is akin to Truth, Truth is hard, but beneficial. It is unpleasant advice to tell a man to stick to Truth at all costs; Truth alone pays dividends that satisfy".

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

DS 191 Anthrax Sanjeevini : Anthrax Sanjeevini is a healing prayer to be used as a curative and as a preventive for this disease which can be life-threatening for both animals and humans Use it with other relevant Sanjeevinis based on the symptoms.

Anthrax, as we all know, is also a biological warfare weapon. In the case of a potential threat of biological warfare, use it along with the Fear Sanjeevini and SSC 60, the Divine Values Combination. It is the lack of manifestation of divine values in the human consciousness that promotes terrorism and wars.

The Sanjeevini must of course be used for animals infected with the disease.

Four Sanjeevinis healing fragrances for removing negative traits:

DS 192 Ego (Ahamkara ) Sanjeevini

DS 193 Fear (Bhayam) Sanjeevini

DS 194 Greed (Lobha) Sanjeevini

DS 195 Lust (Kama) Sanjeevini


DS 192 Ego ( Ahamkara) Sanjeevini

Understanding Ego:

The divine (Higher Self, Atman, Soul, pure Consciousnes, Pure Awareness, Rooh, Ahura Mazda, Ik Onkar, God, Paramatman, Brahman – call it by any name) within us is our true self. It is infinite, self effulgent, immortal, indestructible, eternal, pure, blemish less, ever blissful. It is eternally in a state of fullness (poornatva). There is never any deficiency or depletion in it. When in tune with the divine, the mind is always positive, healthful, cheerful, truthful, caring, compassionate, contented, forgiving, tolerant, patient, selfless, and full of faith, courage, hope, helping ever, hurting never, loving all, serving all.

When the mind begins to change its focus from the divinity within to the body, the senses and the world of objects and relationships, and assumes all these to be its reality, the Ego gets created. This sense of I am the body, mind and intellect is a false or illusory notion in the mind. The more predominant is this sense of Ego, the more limited and narrow the individual becomes. The infinite, eternal, immortal nature of One's true self is forgotten.

Ego is therefore born out of ignorance (avidya) or forgetfulness of one's divinity. The more forgetful we are of our true reality, the stronger the ego. The ego can exist only in the darkness of ignorance (of who we truly are). It disappears instantaneously when the mind is illumined by the light of spiritual wisdom of who we truly are. Therefore Ego does not have a real identity. It is a false, illusory and limiting concept of oneself.

Ego Sanjeevini DS 192  is a fervent prayer to God (the Supreme destroyer of all negative tendencies ) to annihilate this deadly internal enemy which prevents a person from experiencing the perennial treasure of love, peace, harmony, wellness and bliss that lies deep within every being. The prayer also seeks protection from this extremely negative energy.

Use this Sanjeevini along with the Blockages Sanjeevini (DS 16) as the ego blocks the mind from tuning in to the divine self within. Use it also along with the Sanjeevinis for other negative emotions which may be predominant. Use it liberally for yourself. Use it for others with a heart full of love and compassion and free from any trace of judgment.

"Anger, malice, greed, envy — all these are obstacles in the path of love and co-operation. They lower man from the Divine to the animal level. Bear with others in patience and understanding; practice "Sahana" and sympathy. Try to discover point of contact, not of conflict. Spread brotherliness and deepen kindness through knowledge. Then life becomes worth while, without fail.”

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

DS 193 Fear Sanjeevini : Fear in all its forms is an emotion which arises in the mind on account of a perceived threat from injury, loss, insult or death. The threat could be imaginary or real. But to the one experiencing the fear, it is always real. The most fundamental fear grips the mind when it becomes forgetful of our immortal divine reality.

The Fear Sanjeevini DS 193 is a prayer to God (the Supreme embodiment of fearlessness) for the removal of this negative emotion from the mind and to provide protection from it.

We can use the Fear Sanjeevini (DS193) whenever we sense traces of the ego showing its colours in the form of restlessness, résistance, stubbornness, envy, judgment, deceit, dishonesty or any other negative trait or emotion. Use it along with the Ego Sanjeevini (DS192) and any other specific negative emotion related Sanjeevini..

Please note that there are two other fear related Sanjeevinis DS 143 SAFE Sanjeevini and DS 176 Phobias Sanjeevinis. You can add Fear Sanjeeini DS 193 to every psychological fear related case as this Sanjeevini addresses the deepest spiritual cause of fear ie forgetfulness of one's divinity.

DS 194 Greed (Lobha) Sanjeevini : Greed is another negative emotion that prevents us from experiencing our innate divine nature. A mind filled with greed is always craving for more. Nothing is enough for it.

Greed Sanjeevini DS 194 is a fervent prayer to God for the removal of this negative emotion from the mind and to provide protection from it.

"There is enough in the world for everybody's need, but not enough for anybody's greed",

Mahatma Gandhi

Alexander the great, the Greek King who conquered many kingdoms and amassed huge wealth gave his generals the following inspirational instructions just before his death.

  1. The pathway to the grave yard where he will be buried should be strewn with all the gold and riches that he accumulated all his life, so that people understand that he is not taking any thing along and that it was a life spent uselessly accumulating riches.
  2. Whilst carrying his coffin to the graveyard his hands should be dangling out of the coffin so that people know that Alexander came into the world empty handed and empty handed he was departing.

DS 195 Lust (Kama) Sanjeevini : Lust is the unrestrained desire or craving for material goods, physical pleasure, power, fame and wealth. It is one of the most dangerous and damaging traits. It destroys a man's discrimination first and then all the other virtues. It creates a complete spiritual void in the mind of the one afflicted with it.

Knowingly or unknowingly, the world of TV, cinema, internet, print media is freely promoting and encouraging this deadly emotion. Children, youth, adults – all are being enticed into the vicious grip of lust.

DS 195 Lust Sanjeevini is a prayer to God to destroy this most insidious negative trait from the mind and to provide protection from it. Use the Lust Sanjeevini for healing all social diseases related to abuse of women and children.

Use it along with Dharma Sanjeevini. It is decline of Dharma that promotes immorality and irreverence towards women and children.

DS 196 Yellow Fever Sanjeevini : Yellow fever Sanjeevini is a healing prayer for healing of all the root causes of Yellow Fever disease which can take epidemic proportions. Please read the separate note on Yellow Fever Combination. SSC 21(k) in the chapter on Selected Sanjeevini Combinations.

DS 197 Addiction - Computer : Computer technology is wonderful for enhancing education, efficiency, productivity and innovation in every field. It becomes dangerous when there is an obsession with wanting to stay continuously connected with people in the virtual world of cyberspace (emails, chats, etc.) and feeling restless, and incomplete without it – in other words losing our connection with our own Self. The social networking in the virtual world satisfies our egoistic craving to be seen and to be acknowledged by the world but it takes its toll on our physical, mental, emotional and most importantly our spiritual well being.

Please use this Sanjeevini as a preventive in young children who have not caught the addiction as yet. Use it of course as a healing remedy for those (children and adults) who are already victims of this addiction. Use it along with DS 208 Determination Sanjeevini and DS 224 Management of Time Sanjeevini.

DS 198 Addiction - Phone Chats : This Sanjeevini prayer seeks to awaken the inner wisdom and strength for giving up this addiction and to heal all the damage that it has already inflicted and to live in awareness for ensuring that we do not become victims of this addiction again. Purposeless, repetitive, negative talk on the phones is a colossal waste of our precious mental & spiritual energy and time.

To be used as a preventive and curative. Use it with DS 208 Determination Sanjeevini, DS 224 Management of Time Sanjeevini and DS 237 Scandal Mongering (Talking ill of others) Sanjeevini

DS 199 Addiction - Television : If there is one scientific invention that has been most misused, it is the television. The fault is of course not with the invention but what is being shown on it. ALL generations are victims to this invasion from the skies. The lust, greed and violence promoting programmes and advertisements that are beamed into every home pollute our minds, erode our cultural values and make us impervious to violence and moral degradation. Violence and immorality are being considered accepted norms.

This Sanjeevini prayer seeks divine strength and discrimination for TV viewers so that they are never lured into watching such soul destroying programmes. The prayer also seeks to awaken the discrimination of all those who are in the business of creating and or broadcasting television programmes and advertisements so that such programmes never come into existence or get to the broadcasting stage.

                              “Science has been enormously helpful and has achieved many wonders. But, simultaneously, it has done incalculable harm. Science as such is not to be blamed for this. It is the wrongful use of science that is responsible. Science discovered for man the secrets of nature and the cosmos. But what is the benefit we derive from knowing these secrets? Knowledge is one thing; its proper utilisation is a different thing. Of what avail is it to know the power of the atom if we have not learnt how to put it to good and beneficial use? The knowledge derived from science should be used for sacred and righteous purposes.”

Bhagavan Sri Sathya Baba

DS 200 Asteya Sanjeevini (nonstealing) : This is a fervent prayer to awaken the virtue of non stealing in us. Asteya is one of the five Yamas ( self disciplines) of the ancient science of Yoga. It is considered as the one of the pillars of the foundation of Yoga. In its simple understanding Asteya would mean not stealing anything that does not belong to us. In its deeper meaning which serious practioners of Yoga bear in mind, Asteya means not even having the slightest desire of possessing or acquiring something that you see with someone else. Asteya implies contentment with one's lot in a positive way. Always living in the Knowing that when we lead a life of virtues, God provides amply what is necessary for our needs, happiness and overall well being. Practicing Asetya is a great purifier of the mind. It removes the dirt of envy and falsehood and allows us to focus on developing our own personality including our spiritual dimension.

Use this Sanjeevini with DS 217 Fear of Sin Sanjeevini

DS 201 Cleanliness (Shaucha) Sanjeevini : This should to be used for both outer and inner cleanliness - of the body, the speech, the mind, the actions performed and the larger environment.

DS 202 Compassion (Karuna) Sanjeevini : A fervent prayer to awaken this divine virtue within every being. We can experience lasting peace and harmony only if we are compassionate to all beings. Cruelty, injury or even neglect of any being is a denial of the divine in every being and therefore a denial of God. Nourishing this value within us by practicing it in thoughts, feelings , words and actions can raise our consciousness to the highest level of God consciousness.

“Develop compassion, sympathy; engage in service, understand the agony of poverty, disease, distress and despair; share both tears and cheers with others. That is the way to soften the heart, and help saadhana  (spiritual practices) to succeed.”

Bhagavan Sri Sathya Baba

DS 203 Confidence Sanjeevini : Lack of confidence in one's self is a major hurdle in meeting challenges  with dignity and poise in different walks of life including self healing and spiritual evolution.

All Sanjevini prayers seek the blossoming of positive traits in  every person including children and others.

               “One has to develop faith and self-confidence. Self-confidence leads to self-satisfaction and self-sacrifice and ultimately to self-realisation.”

– Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

DS 204 Control of Senses (Indriya Nigraha) Sanjeevini : A Sanjeevini prayer for awakening this heroic discipline in us to experience the bliss of the divine within us. Use it with DS 231 Power over Desire Sanjeevini.

               “ The senses by their very nature are prone to indulgence. They are the gateways to hell when they run riot. Curbing them is the first step in the path of discipline. Mastery over the senses brings along all blessings leading to the Divine.”

Swami Chidbhavananda

               “Today Man's heroism is being channelled into mountain climbing, deep sea diving or walking on space, or other adventurous acts. But, the most heroic adventure of all, the conquest of the senses and of their pulls is yet beyond him. When the senses challenge him he yields, instead of challenging them in return and overpowering them. Consider only the masters of their own impulses and passions as Heroes! And, no other.”

Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

DS 205 Cosumerism Sanjeevini : Cosumerism: (compulsive shopping or Shopping addiction) feeds the fire of greed in people making them lose their sense of discrimination. It makes you a slave of material possessions and urges you to live beyond your means. It destroys peace of mind and the precious feeling of contentment. This Sanjeevini prayer fervently seeks reversal of this global social disease which is destroying both the human character and the environment. The intense obsession to show-off (exhibitionism) is one of the root causes of this addiction. Can be used for individuals, families, communities and also broadcast to every human being on our planet.

Please also add DS 194 Greed Sanjeevini, DS 214 Envy Sanjeevini. DS 204 Control of senses Sanjeevini, DS 254 Exhibitionism ( Showing – off ) Sanjeevini, DS 248 Contentment Sanjeevini and any other Sanjeevini that you are intuitively guided to.

DS 206 Cruelty Sanjeevini : This extremely negative trait in us creates a huge Karmic debt in our lives, which eventually we have to pay through our own suffering at a later date. Cruelty towards the spouse or children or aged elders in the family has become widely prevalent in our world today.

The amount of suffering that the human race is accumulating on itself by torturing and killing innocent animals for their palate, beauty or health, is unimaginable.

This Sanjeevini prayer seeks to heal the deep rooted causes of this negative trait in people to usher in peace and harmony within the family, in the work place and elsewhere.

DS 207 Detachment (Vairagya) Sanjeevini : Detachment from the world of objects and selfish relationships is a spiritual virtue which has been the hallmark of all great saints and sages and many great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa. It is a prerequisite for selfless service to society. It is an essential quality which every spiritual aspirant has to develop to reach the goal of self-realization. Detachment must not be confused with indifference to one's duties.  A man of detachment will always do his bounden duty joyfully with utmost honesty and perfection.

DS 208 Determination Sanjeevini: A virtue which is most critical for success in every field be it secular( worldly) or spiritual.

               “Determination is like the reins of a horse. When you want to achieve something, you must have the determination and persistence to secure it by all your efforts. No room should be given for doubts and hesitations. There is nothing on earth which cannot be achieved with firm determination.”

– Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

               “Any man irrespective of age or abilities, who has faith and determination, can accomplish what he wants. You are aware of the stories of many sages who embarked on severe penances but failed to complete them because of lack of faith and determination. Vishvaamithra was repeatedly foiled in this way by either loss of self-control or succumbing to temptation.”

– Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

DS 209 Drinking Water (for all) Sanjeevini: This Sanjeevini prayer seeks adequate availability of pure drinking water, the elixir of life, for every being at all times in every place. There are hundreds of millions of people in our world who do not have access to pure drinking water. Many have to walk miles even in this age and time to fetch their daily quota of drinking water. It is a well known fact that lack of drinking water is a major cause of high infant mortality and also of most of the diseases in many underdeveloped countries or underdeveloped regions of some of the developing countries. Today Water scarcity is recognized as one of the most critical challenges in every developed country as well. The reasons for the shortage are well-known and well documented. Whilst the demand for water has been galloping due to several factors like population growth, rapid urbanisation and mindless consumerism, the supply has been shrinking due to increasing pollution of available natural resources, extravagant per person consumption, adverse climate changes and lack of conservation.

Some Futurists are forecasting that the next big war could be over water resources - hence the critical  importance of this Sanjeevini.

To be used during draughts, or during other natural calamities like floods, earth quakes where water supply gets polluted. Also for areas where water supply is extremely  non existent or extremely scarce. It could be many villages in some parts of the country and some of the area in metro towns where people get only 3 to 4 buckets of water for entire family's needs of bathing, washing, cooking  and drinking  from Tankers every day

Broadcast this Sanjeevini to all the drought afflicted areas of the world - particularly in Africa. Also use it for areas in cities where there is water scarcity due to overpopulation Use it along with Poverty Sanjeevini as it is usually the poor brethren who are deprived of water. Please see SSC 62 in Chapter 4.

DS 210 Environmental Pollution - Air Sanjeevini               (Please see SSC 67 in Chapter 4)

DS 211 Environmental Pollution - Earth Sanjeevini          (Please see SSC 67 in Chapter 4)

DS 212 Environmental Pollution - Space Sanjeevini         (Please see SSC 67 in Chapter 4)

DS 213 Environmental Pollution - Water Sanjeevini         (Please see SSC 67 in Chapter 4)

All the above listed Environment pollution related Sanjeevinis - Air, Earth, Water and Space are fervent prayers to the Divine for healing all causes, symptoms and repercussions of the pollution so that environment purity is reestablished and  all  life forms can coexist in peace and harmony on Mother Earth.

DS 214 Envy Sanjeevini: Envy Sanjeevini is a prayer to the Lord to bestow His Grace for removing this poisonous emotion from the mind by awakening within us the virtue of rejoicing at other people's happiness and good fortune instead of feeling jealous of it.

This 'green eyed monster', as Shakespeare called it, can become the root cause of several ailments at the physical and mental levels. Quite obviously there can be little advancement at the spiritual level if this negative emotion is allowed to grow. Indeed fortunate are those in whom the inner spring of eternal joy is fully awakened and who naturally feel happy at other people's success and achievements instead of being jealous.

We can use this Sanjeevini generously for ourselves as Healers of any energy healing system. Envy can raise its ugly hood and torment us even in the sacred domain of spirituality. We can be envious of other healers, of other healing systems or others' spiritual progress.

DS 217 Fear of Sin Sanjeevini : The law of Karma is perfect. No one can escape the suffering that comes our way as a consequence of our negative thoughts, words and deeds. Very often we do not realize the sins that we are committing through judging, condemning, hurting, cursing people in our thoughts and feelings. We may not hurt others verbally or physically but our negative thoughts of ill well or revenge create a negative imprint in our Karmic records. The suffering that ensues is of course meant to reform and transform our thoughts and feelings.

This Sanjeevini prayer seeks awakening of this divine virtue with in us to live a peaceful and blissful life free from suffering.

                              “It is a great pity that people are sacrificing the most precious things in life for the sake of trivial and transient pleasures. In the pursuit of the trivial, men involve themselves in sinful activities. They forget the Divine. There is no escape from the consequences of sinful deeds. Hence everyone should have fear of sin. Equally, there should be love of God. When these two are present, one will become a truly moral person in society.”

Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

DS 219 Hatred Sanjeevini : Hatred is a powerful negative emotion which begins from an intense feeling of dislike for a person, family, community, caste, race, religion, culture or country who/which in one's perception currently poses a great threat to one's security, survival or happiness.

Hatred is the root cause of the mindless violence that human beings have continuously inflicted upon themselves over the ages in countless territorial, communal, religious, racial, linguistic and ethnic wars/conflicts/ disputes. It always results in untold pain and suffering.

Hatred is the foundation of terrorism. It is completely self destructive. In the light of spiritual wisdom, hating another truly amounts to hating oneself. History bears a clear testimony to this eternal truth. Nations which have promoted acts of terrorism against other nations have ultimately ended up having home grown terrorist inflicting unimaginable violence within. Individuals, families, groups of all kinds and shades who have thrived on hatred have experienced the same inevitable fate of self annihilation.

DS 223 Kidnap Sanjeevini : We can all understand and feel the pain and anguish of families - whose children or adult members have been kidnapped for ransom or revenge.

- who have members on board a flight which has been hijacked..

- who have some one dear on a ship which has been taken over by pirates on high seas..

- whose innocent young children have been kidnapped and sold off in distant cities for the flesh trade.

- whose young children have been kidnapped and forced into the begging profession or lured into the drugs trade..

The TV and Print media regularly covers cases of kidnapping in great detail to bring these in our awareness. As Sanjeevini healers we have an opportunity to offer the healing prayers for a peaceful and positive resolution in every such case. You have to

Kidnap Sanjeevini is a fervent prayer for divine help to rescue the Kidnapped person(s) without any mental or physical harm. Use it along with Faith Sanjeevini and Forgiveness Sanjeevini and any other Sanjeevini that you are intuitively guided to.

There are three Sanjeevini broadcasts recommended for every case of kidnapping or hijacking.

  1. One for the safe release of the Kidnapped victim(s)
  2. Another for the spiritual redemption of the Kidnapper(s).
  3. And third for the family members of the Kidnapped for their positive spiritual support.

These broadcasts are, as always, to be offered silently with immense faith, selfless love and humility

and in a spirit of complete surrender to the Divine.

Please see SSC 63 Sanjeevini Combination for safe release of Victims of Kidnapping (Chapter 4) for details of the three Broadcasts mentioned above.

DS 227 Optimism Sanjeevinis : This Sanjeevini the divine heaing energy to change our outlook from one of energy depleting pessimism to self-invigorating optimism.

DS 230 Poverty Sanjeevini : This is a prayer for healing all causes of poverty and bestowing abundance. Since all Sanjeevini prayers seek holistic healing, this Sanjeevini can always be used for moral and spiritual poverty as well besides financial or resources related poverty.

During droughts or wars or natural calamities in different countries of the world, every person in the affected area goes through hardships. However, it is people living in poverty who go through untold suffering. They are completely dependent upon Government help, which is often slow, inadequate and inefficient because of various reasons; or help from Non Government Organisations committed to selfless service for mitigating the suffering of the poorest. However, even the most well-intentioned organisation or group may have limitations of resources.

This Sanjeevini also has the prayer for all limitations and lack to be removed with Divine grace so that relief and healing can flow to every affected person from all directions.

Broadcast this Sanjeevini prayer to people living in abject poverty in villages or cities or in a particular locality.

DS 243 Appreciation Sanjeevini : This Sanjeevini helps us to see and focus on the good in all and genuinely be appreciative of it. So often we utter words of appreciation for others without really feeling them. Every person has positive qualities as well as some weaknesses. We should always appreciate the good in all and pray for the God’s blessings for the negatives to be taken away.

DS 244 Auspiciousness Sanjeevini : Auspiciousness is abundance of prosperity in all facets of life which bestows divine fulfillment.

At the level of the body and mind the Auspiciousness Sanjeevini prayer fervently seeks abundance of wealth, wisdom, knowledge, health, peace, harmony…

At the deepest spiritual level, Auspiciousness Sanjeevini seeks the continuous awareness and experience of our Higher Self - the ultimate and infinite source of all the beneficial and fulfilling human aspirations.

The Combinations SSC1 and SSC60 are of course always recommended as the base of every healing remedy.

               “Prayer must emanate from the heart, where God resides, and not from the head where doctrines and doubts clash. Prayer has great efficacy. The Vedic seers prayed for the peace and happiness of all mankind, of all animate and inanimate things. Cultivate that Universal vision.”

- Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

DS 245 Awareness Sanjeevini : This Sanjeevini prayer is for awakening our pure awareness, pure consciousness 24/7 so that  our mind is continuously connected with our higher Self. With this divine connection the mind will always be in equanimity and will always be   guided by the light of  supreme wisdom within instead of the darkness or ignorance of our ego. This Sanjeevini is a favourite of all serious Spiritual aspirants who are engaged in spiritual practices for being  constantly abiding in Pure Awareness or Pure Consciousness – who we truly are.

DS 246 Brahmacharya Sanjeevini : This is a prayer to awaken and nourish this divine virtue for experiencing higher levels of consciousness. It would be most applicable for those who have taken the path of Sanyassa  or Renunciation at any stage in life.. But it is also very relevant for householders and of course for students. Brahmacharya in its deepest essence means an Aacharan or conduct which is helpful for attaining Brahman or Self realization. An obsession with desires, sense gratification in particular, depletes Pranic energy in the body and weakens the motivation and ability to experience higher levels of consciousness or the divinity within - who we truly are – Eternal souls, embodiments of divine peace, love and bliss, beyond the  body, mind, intellect and ego.

In the Yogic tradition Brahmacharya is considered as the Foundation of Yoga along with Ahimsa, Sathya,  Asetya ( Non stealing), Aparigraha ( Non Covetousness). These five virtues (called Yamas) appear in the very first step of Sage Patanjalis Ashtanga Yoga and are considered as essentials for an ethics based life which a sincere Yoga aspirant must lead in the world outside as he or she guides the mind to immerses in the subtle  inner spiritual world of Pure Consciousness, of Supreme peace and bliss.

DS 247 Consolation Sanjeevini: Grief is but natural when we lose a dear one or lose everything material that we may have built or accumulated over a life time. Consolation Sanjeevini is a prayer to grant solace to even those who are in inconsolable anguish. It is a prayer to awaken the profound wisdom of understanding the impermanence and transitory nature of all names and forms and to be focused on the core of every being - the immortal Self, Atman or Divinity.

DS 250 Dignified Housing for all : This Sanjeevini prayer is to be given or broadcast to people who are living in pathetic, unhygienic conditions or out in the open, due to abject poverty or due to poor amenities provided by the Governments. Also to be given during calamities like floods, earthquakes, wars.

DS 256 Protection Sanjeevini seeks divine protection from all kinds of threats at the, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.

DS 260 Self-Destruction Sanjeevini : This Sanjeevini has the healing prayers for removing the defeatist and futile thought of committing suicide, guiding the person towards positive action for facing all challenges and for awakening the wisdom about our true  Reality as being an immortal Soul (quite apart from  the body, mind, intellect) which is the Ocean of peace, love, Joy, contentment, courage, compassion…

DS 263 Yearning for Selfless Service Sanjeevini : Selfless service is the path of Karma Yoga where you offer your best possible help within your means, to the needy, the sick, the uneducated, and the most deprived  sections of society with selfless love without expectations of any returns whatsoever.  Selfless service is the starting point for purifying our mind for moving ahead in our spiritual goal of Self realization.

DS 264 Yearning for Spiritual Wisdom Sanjeevini : Spiritual Wisdom or Atma Jnana or Knowledge of the Self  or Self realization is the ultimate goal of every human being. It is the realization that we are Pure Consciousness which is free from all suffering.  It is the wisdom that we are not the body, mind, intellect or ego but pure immortal soul, the ocean of peace, harmony, love, compassion, forgiveness, strength, bliss.

The more yearning we have for this subtlest of subtle highest wisdom, the easier it becomes for us to understand it, experience it and to make it a living reality in our lives.

“Develop Prema, divine Love, which has no blemish of attachment, is unaffected by gusts of passion, is pure, and free from egoism or the desire to possess. Then alone can you experience the Light, and illumine the path for others. Be like bees hovering on the Glory of the Lord, sucking the nectar of Grace, silently and joyfully.”

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba


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