SSC 67  Sanjeevini Combination for Environmental Protection

SSC No Combination for  BPS, DS & SSC Combinations included

SSC 67

Sanjeevini Combination for Environmental Pollution

SSC 70   Sai Sanjeevini Tonic Combination +
SSC 59   Removal of Negative Emotions Sanjeevini  +
DS 210   Environmental Pollution - Air Sanjeevini +
DS 211   Environmental Pollution - Earth Sanjeevini +
DS 212   Environmental Pollution - Space Sanjeevini +
DS 213   Environmental Pollution - Water Sanjeevini +

Any other Sanjeevini that you feel is relevant


SC 59 Removal of Negative Emotions Sanjeevini is for the cleansing of negative emotions from the human mind. The root cause of the external pollution of space, air, water and earth of our planet is the pollution of the human mind.

In our mindless pursuit (borne out of spiritual ignorance) of finding lasting peace and happiness from the world of objects and with our insatiable desires and greed we are self-destructing our planet by polluting our air, water, earth and space with killer pollutants. All the Sanjeevinis in this Combination are fervent prayers to the divine for purification of the human consciousness and the external environment so that the entire creation can survive and seek ultimate fulfillment in its pursuit of lasting peace and joy within.

We can broadcast this Sanjeevini combination to wherever and whenever there is a need – to specific villages, cities, countries, rivers, oceans, the whole of Mother Earth.

Whilst setting up the Broadcast, on the output circle we can place a picture of the Globe, or a map of the area we are focusing on, or give a description of the location on a piece of paper and leave it on the Output circle of the M&B Card

This Broadcast can be refreshed regularly as we all know and understand the seriousness of the problem of environmental pollution.