SSC 66  Sanjeevini Combination for Social Upliftment of Underprivileged People   

SSC No Combination for  BPS, DS & SSC Combinations included

SSC 66

Sanjeevini Combination for Social Upliftment of Underprivileged People

SSC 70   Sai Sanjeevini Tonic Combination +
DS 230 Poverty Sanjeevini +
DS 209 Drinking Water (for all) Sanjeevini +
DS 226 Nourishing Food (for all) Sanjeevini +
DS 250 Dignified Housing (for all) Sanjeevini +
DS 252 Education (for all) Sanjeevini  +
DS 218 Gratitude Sanjeevini +
Any other Sanjeevini that you are guided to add based on your understanding and inner guidance.


DS 230, DS 209, DS 226, DS 250, DS 252 Sanjeevinis have the subtle energy of fervent prayers for healing and removing all causes behind the scarcity of water, food, a dignified dwelling place, values based education and also healing the repercussions suffered by a person to date due to the scarcity of all these at the physical, mental, emotional, financial, social and spiritual levels. The causes could be anything – poverty, war, caste or religion based conflicts, natural calamity or any other cause.

Selfless loving service to the underprivileged people of the world is a powerful spiritual practice which can heal and purify our consciousness. It is the path of Karma Yoga which can lead us to Self-realisation. Whenever we have an opportunity to help our brethren who are poor, sick, under-nourished, uneducated, living in the most dilapidated dwellings with poor sanitation, experiencing scarcity of water and food, we must do so with utmost sincerity to whatever humble extent we can. Helping even one person selflessly will give us immense peace and fulfillment if we serve with the feeling that we are serving God in the form of the poor, sick, uneducated, hungry.

Most certainly we can all serve the poor and needy with our Sanjeevini Healing Broadcasts. Remember prayers can move mountains when offered with selfless love, faith and complete surrender. We have seen wonderful changes happening in some communities to whom the Broadcast was addressed. Also the Broadcast to individuals and families has been very satisfying with God's grace.

We have also distributed Sanjeevini Remedy Kits with the SSC 66 Sample included, in many locations. The response has been very heartening. Sanjeevinis bring in a fresh ray of hope in the lives of people who are usually so preoccupied earning their daily wages for survival. Their faith in prayers and God is awakened and strengthened and with that they experience a deeper faith in themselves. Most unexpected opportunities arranged by divine grace open up before them for improving their living conditions and lives.

How to set up a healing Broadcast with SSC 66 for the underprivileged people

Step 1 : Prepare a sample of SSC 66 in pills or vibhuti or turmeric powder (as in SSC 61) and place it on the left side circle of the M & B Card.

Step 2. On a piece of paper write the description of the group of people you wish to send the Broadcast to and keep the paper on the Output circle of the M & B Card on the right side. (Exhibit 22)

The Broadcasts can be addressed to:

1. All underprivileged people in my city/country

2. All people living in a particular slum in my city.

3. A particular person or family living in abject poverty.

4. All the poor people in ……. ( name of Village).

5. All the poor people in Africa.

6. Any one else you wish to send it to.

Step 3 For a minute or more, from the depths of your heart, pray for the social upliftment and physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual well being of all the people to whom the Broadcast is being sent.

The Sanjeevini healing Broadcast for the social upliftment of all people you have addressed it to, is now on..

This Broadcast will be active continuously 24/7 in the spiritual dimension.

Refreshing the healing Broadcast
: It is highly recommended that we refresh this Broadcast once a day, or once in 2 days or once a week…depending on our inner guidance. A Broadcast is refreshed by bringing the M&B Card Station in our awareness and offering our fervent prayer every time for a minute or so from the depths of our being.