SSC 62  Sanjeevini Combination for Drought Relief

SSC No Combination for  BPS, DS & SSC Combinations included

SSC 62

 Drought Relief

(Basic Combination)



SSC 70 Sai Sanjeevini Tonic Combination+
DS 114 Shakthi Sanjeevini +
DS 113 Shanthi Sanjeevini +
Ds 169 Forgiveness Sanjeevini +
DS 209 Drinking Water (for all) Sanjeevini +
DS 226 Nourishing Food (for all) Sanjeevini + 
DS 230 Poverty Sanjeevini +
DS 165 Depression Sanjeevini +
DS 227 Optimism Sanjeevinis +
DS 260 Self-Destruction Sanjeevini +
BPS 54 Whole Body Sanjeevini +
Any other Sanjeevini that you feel is relevant.


The need for Sanjeevini Healing Broadcasts for Drought relief

Many regions of several countries face heartbreaking drought conditions every year, particularly during the summer months. In some areas, drought can become treacherously prolonged, way beyond being seasonal, on account of scant rainfall during the rainy season.

Africa is, of course, the worst affected continent where millions of people and animals in several countries have to go through unimaginable suffering every year due to lack of water and food.

As Sanjeevini healers, no matter which part of the world we are located in, each one of us has the opportunity to offer our humble, loving and selfless seva (service) to help relieve the suffering of people affected by droughts.

We can do this by broadcasting the Sanjeevini healing prayers with intense love and faith to all beings who are in physical, emotional, financial and spiritual distress due to the drought and its aftermath.

If you are in the drought affected area, there are two ways in which you can offer your Sanjeevini Seva (service)

Two ways of Reaching out to people affected by Droughts with Sanjeevini healing prayers

1. By Distributing the Sanjeevini Remedy Kit to as many people in the Draught affected area as possible. Please see Sections 3.14 & 3.15 in Chapter 3.

2. By Broadcasting the Sanjeevini Combination for Draught Relief to all beings affected. This option is available to people all over the World.

Both the ways are described in detail under SSC 61 Combination for healing and protection of all affected in Calamities. Please go through the same and prepare your Sanjeevini Remedy Kit for Drought Relief using SSC 62 as the remedy for distribution.

By Distributing the Sanjeevini Healing Kit to as many people affected as possible.

Prepare your SSC 62 sample using the Combination listed above. Multiply this into a large quantity of Vibhuti, Pills or Turmeric powder using the M & B Card. Fill up a large quantity of 1/2 drahm plastic bottles with the charged medium. 1/3 to 1/2 the bottle filled with the medium is enough as a sample. Please See Exhibit 19 on page E-9 of Exhibits. in A Healer's Guide. Prepare a good number of laminated Multiplication and Broadcasting Cards using Exhibit 4 on Page E-2 of Exhibits. (Section 3.14) Procure Zip type cellophane bags from a stationery shop. Make sure the bag is big enough to keep an M & B Card of the size you have in stock. Put one SSC 62 Sample bottle and one laminated M & B Card in a Cellophane bag and secure the Contents with the Zip. This is the Sanjeevini Remedy Kit for distribution to people affected by Droughts.

Before distributing the kits to affected people, tell them briefly about the healing system and the power of their own prayers. Please see Steps 1 to 9 under SSC 61 for details.

Tell them about the importance of saying their own heartfelt prayer during the time of charging their water. Suggest to them the following prayer (or any other prayer that you wish to suggest) whilst they prepare their daily Sanjeevini remedy using the Healing Kit.

“O Lord please shower your healing love and grace on me, my family, friends, neighbours and all beings affected by the drought in ….....……….. (village/city/state/country) by blessing them with adequate water, nourishing food and other resources to usher in peace, happiness, contentment and prosperity in their lives. I seek forgiveness on every one's behalf for any wrong that has been done by all of us in our country, individually or collectively, knowingly or unknowingly, in this life or past lives, because of which certain regions of the State/ Country have become draught prone. Please bless these regions with adequate rains and abundance of healthy crops every year. Please lead us all from untruth to truth; from the darkness of ignorance to the light of spiritual wisdom; from death (of our ego) to the experience of immortality of our soul.”

2. By Broadcasting the Sanjeevini Combination for Draught Relief to all beings affected.

Please follow Steps 1 to 4 given under SSC 61. Set up the Healing Broafdcast for Draught relief on a Multiplication & Broadcasting Card as in SSC 61.

It can be a healing broadcast for everyone affected in an entire State or Country or for people in a specific Village, City, District or Region.

Some examples of the description of groups to send the Broadcast to, are given below as a guideline.

- All beings affected by the Drought in different regions of Maharashtra Sate, India

- Or All beings affected by the Drought in Vidharba and Marathwada regions of Maharashtra.

- Or All beings affected by the Drought in District Wardha in Maharashtra

- Or Family ABC affected by the Drought in Village XYZ in Maharashtra

Other examples of description of group:

- All beings affected by the Drought in different countries in Africa

- Or All beings affected by the Drought in Kenya

Which prayer to say for setting up the Broadcast?

Any prayers from any faith is equally powerful. The prayer given above can be used as a guideline if it appeals to you.

Brief Description of Sanjeevinis in SSC 62 Combination for relief to people affected in Draughts

DS 114 Shakthi Sanjeevini and DS 113 Shanthi Sanjeevinis are healing prayers for the awakening of our inner Atmic (divine) strength and peace. When those two are awakened we can face every challenge with confidence and equanimity.

DS 169 Forgiveness Sanjeevini is for awakening this powerful virtue which makes it easy for us to forgive others and most importantly to seek forgiveness from others for the harm we may have caused to others because of which suffering comes in our lives.

DS 209 Drinking Water (for all) and DS 226 Nourishing Food (for all) Sanjeevinis have the subtle energy of prayers for healing and removing all causes behind the scarcity and also healing the repercussions suffered to date due to the scarcity at the physical, mental, emotional, financial, social and spiritual levels. The causes could be anything – climatic change related, distribution system related, development planning related… or any other causes which are known only to the Divine.

DS 230 Poverty Sanjeevini: is a prayer for healing all causes of poverty and bestowing abundance. Since all Sanjeevini prayers seek holistic healing, this Sanjeevini can always be used for moral and spiritual poverty as well besides financial or resources related poverty.

During droughts, every person in the affected area goes through hardships. However, it is people living in poverty who go through untold suffering. They are completely dependent upon Government help, which is often slow, inadequate and inefficient because of various reasons; or help from Non Government Organisations committed to selfless service for mitigating the suffering of the poorest. However, even the most well-intentioned organisation or group may have limitations of resources. This Sanjeevini also has the prayer for all limitations and lack to be removed with Divine grace so that relief and healing can flow to all the affected persons.

DS 227 Optimism Sanjeevinis has the divine heaing energy to change our outlook from one of energy depleting pessimism to self-invigorating optimism.

DS 165 Depression Sanjeevini has a fervent healing prayer to heal depression - an energy depleting negative emotion.

DS 260 Self-Destruction Sanjeevini Most unfortunately some farmers take the extreme step of committing suicide during severe drought conditions. This Sanjeevini has the healing prayers for removing this defeatist and futile thought of committing suicide and guiding them towards positive action for finding solutions.

BPS 54 Whole Body Sanjeevini is for healing the whole body. The prayer for this Sanjeevini has included "seeking forgiveness" for karmic causes at the levels of the Astral body and the Causal body and that such karma be released in the dream level.

"Do not believe that you can by means of service reform or reshape the world.
You may or may not; that does not matter.
The real value of service, its most visible result, is that it reforms you, reshapes you.
Do service as a spiritual discipline; then you will be humble and happy."

Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba