SSC 64  Sanjeevini Combination for Peace and Harmony
between Nations at War 

SSC No Combination for  BPS, DS & SSC Combinations included

SSC 64


Peace and Harmony between Nations at War.

SSC 70 Sai Sanjeevini Tonic Combination +
DS 114 Shakthi Sanjeevini +
DS 113  Shanthi Sanjeevini +
DS 169 Forgiveness Sanjeevini +
DS  202 Compassion Sanjeevini +
DS 145 Ahimsa  Sanjeevini +
DS 194 Greed (Lobha) Sanjeevini +
DS 219 Hatred Sanjeevini +
DS 179 Resentment Sanjeevini +
DS 240 Tolerance Sanjeevini +
DS 228 Patience Sanjeevini +
DS 209 Drinking Water (for all) Sanjeevini +
DS 226 Nourishing Food (for all) Sanjeevini +
DS 250 Dignified Housing (for all Sanjeevini) +
DS 258 Respect for all religions +
BPS 54 Whole Body Sanjeevini +
Any other Sanjeevini that you feel is relevant.


Individuals, families, societies, cultures, nations when consumed by the poisons of greed, hatred, religious intolerance, resentment and revenge invariably take the path of self-destruction causing unthinkable suffering to themselves and to others.

Many of us feel sad, frustrated and helpless when we read, see or hear about the excruciating pain and suffering of people in any war/conflict where the seeds of hatred and revenge take such a strong hold in people's consciousness that barbaric violence is considered as the only option for settling differences, grievances or grudges.

We can instead make a positive contribution to world peace by directing our thoughts and feelings into heartfelt prayers for peace and harmony in all countries affected by the war and for the wholistic well being of all people of these countries. We can transmit our pure healing intentions and prayers suffused with selfless love, using any healing system – Reiki, Radionics, Vibrionics… or Sai Sanjeevini.

In the Sanjeevini healing system, we can set up dedicated healing Broadcasts addressed to the leaders and people of different countries - who are burning within with the flames of hatred, revenge and violence. Through these healing broadcasts we are seeking Divine healing love and grace for the transformation of consciousness of all those engaged in violence of any kind, by awakening the inherent divine values of peace, compassion, forgiveness, non-violence, tolerance and patience in them.

How to Set up the Healing Broadcast

Step 1 Make a sample of the SSC 64 Combination as given above. Please refer to Section 3.5.1 and Chapter 5 for the procedure for making the sample. Place the Sample on the left circle of the M & B Card.  You can also make the Sample for SSC 64 by using the Sanjeevini Combination Sheet for SSC 64 . Many Sanjeevini Combination Sheets are available for free  downloading from

Step 2 Write the description of the group of people to whom the healing broadcast is being sent, on a piece of paper and leave the paper on the Output circle of the M&B Card. Please see Exhibit 22 on Page -10 of Exhibits.

Who to send the Healing Broadcast :

The healing Broadcast can be sent to :

1. All political and military leaders and all people of the countries involved in the war.

2. All beings affected by the war in the countries involved

This would obviously include all the refugees who are displaced and are seeking shelter in other countries.

3. You could also set up dedicated Broadcasts for individuals or families affected by the War.

Step 3 . Pray from the depths of your heart for a minute or more. Pray for the healing, protection and wholistic well being of all the people affected by the war. Any prayer from any faith is equally powerful. The following prayer is given as a guideline and may be used if it appeals to you. Please see Section 5.13

“O Lord, we pray to you to shower your healing love and grace on all beings affected by the war in ………… (names of countries). Please forgive and transform all those who are engaged in brutal violence in the entire region. May they become free from hatred and greed! May their hearts be filled with unconditional love, forgiveness and compassion! Please forgive us all - the entire family of human beings (Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam) - for the wrongs we have committed individually or collectively, at the level of thought, word and deed, knowingly or unknowingly, in this life or past lives, because of which so many people are going through untold suffering due to this war. Please bless every person living in all the war affected countries with peace, harmony and prosperity. Please lead us all – the world family of human beings - from untruth to truth; from the darkness of ignorance to the light of spiritual wisdom; from death (of our ego) to the experience of immortality of our soul.

The Sai Sanjeevini healing broadcast for the wholistic well being and protection of all people affected by the war including all those who have taken refuge in other countries is now on

The healing vibrations encapsulated in the Sanjeevini Combination being Broadcast and the powerful vibrations of your own heartfelt prayers are reaching the intended beneficiaries (mentioned in the paper on the Output Circle of the M&B Card).

This Broadcast will be active continuously 24/7 in the spiritual dimension.

Refreshing the healing Broadcast : It is highly recommended that we refresh this Broadcast once a day, or once in 2 days or once a week…depending on our inner guidance. A Broadcast is refreshed by bringing the M&B card Station in our awareness and offering our fervent prayer every time for a minute or so from the depths of our being.

How long to keep the Broadcast? Until abiding peace and harmony prevails between the nations at war.

A Brief Description of Sai Sanjeevini Prayers being Broadcast: Some of the Sanjeevinis used in SSC 64 are included in SSC 61 as well. Please look up the description of these Sanjeevinis under SSC 61 Combination for Calamities. A few Sanjeevinis are described below.

DS 202 Compassion Sanjeevini This Sanjeevini has the prayer for awakening this powerful virtue in us. It helps us to realize our deep eternal bond with every being in the spiritual realm of Oneness. With Compassion awakened, “loving all, serving all; helping ever, hurting never” comes to us effortlessly, naturally and spontaneously.

DS 145 Ahimsa Sanjeevini is a prayer to awaken, nourish and protect this inherent divine virtue within every one involved in the conflict so that all disagreements and disputes are resolved peacefully in an atmosphere of mutual respect, trust and understanding.

DS 258 Respect for all Religions Sanjeevini : 'Ekam Sat Viprah Bahuda Vadanthi' - "that which exists is One: Sages call it by various names.” There is only One God and there are many pathways to reach Him who is known by different names and is worshipped in different ways in different Religions or Spiritual traditions. Respect for all Religions Sanjeevini has the fervent prayer to awaken this great wisdom in every being so that people from different faiths can live in peace and harmony.

DS 194 Greed (lobha) Sanjeevini : This Sanjeevini has the healing prayer to the Divine, the Supreme destroyer of all our negative traits, to make our consciousness free from this self-destructive emotion and to keep us protected from it. Ancient and modern History bears testimony to the truth that Greed has ruined families, organizations, cultures and nations.

DS 219 Hatred Sanjeevini and DS 179 Resentment Sanjeevini are prayers for removal of these self-destructive emotions from people's consciousness.

DS 240 Tolerance Sanjeevini and DS 228 Patience Sanjeevini are for awakening these virtues, the absence of which is a major cause of all conflicts.

DS 209 Drinking Water (for all) Sanjeevini, DS 226 Nourishing Food (for all) Sanjeevini and DS 250 Dignified Housing (for all) Sanjeevini have the subtle energy of fervent prayers for healing and removing all causes behind the scarcity of water, food or a dignified dwelling place, and also healing the repercussions suffered by a person to date due to the scarcity of all these at the physical, mental, emotional, financial, social and spiritual levels. The causes could be anything – poverty, war, caste or religion based conflicts, natural calamity or any other cause.

BPS 54 Whole Body Sanjeevini is for healing the whole body. The prayer for this Sanjeevini has included "seeking forgiveness" for karmic causes at the levels of the Astral body and the Causal body and that such karma be released in the dream level.