SSC 59 Removal of & Protection from Negative Emotions Combination  

SSC No Combination for  BPS, DS & SSC Combinations included

SSC 59

Removal of & Protection from Negative Emotions

(Basic Combination)

DS 195    Lust Sanjeevini
DS 155    Anger Sanjeevini
DS 194    Greed Sanjeevini
DS 192    Ego Sanjeevini
DS 179    Resentment Sanjeevini
DS 193    Fear Sanjeevini
DS 158    Anxiety Sanjeevini
DS 165    Depression Sanjeevini
DS 214    Envy Sanjeevini
DS 237    Scandal Mongering  Sanjeevini


Negative emotions create blockages in the flow of vital energy (Prana Shakth) in our body. These are now widely acknowledged as the root cause of several mental, emotional and physical ailments.

Removing negativity from within and staying protected against it promotes true healing and lasting good health. We can use this combination for ourselves liberally. Whilst dispensing or broadcasting to others please remember to do so with love and compassion and without any feeling of judgement .