SSC 57 Soil Rejuvenation Combination  

SSC No Combination for  BPS, DS & SSC Combinations included

SSC 57

Soil Rejuvenation

(Basic Combination)

SSC 70      Sai Sanjeevini Tonic Combination +
SSC 12     Cleansing Combination+
DS 181     Soil Rejuvanation  Sanjeevini +
DS 143     SAFE  Sanjeevini +
BPS 54     Whole Body Sanjeevini



 As we are all aware, the earth's soil is getting depleted of not only the top soil but also the delicately balance of the eco-system which sustains it. Efforts to repair the damage are fragmented. In India the government is making no efforts at all to move into ecologically sound agricultural practices. The large scale usage of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides which are heavily subsidized by the government, is wreaking havoc on the environment.

Place the combination on broadcast to planet earth or to a specific piece of land using a map ( for instructions on how to broadcast - see instruction No 7 of the ' Instructions' Section).

The watering system could have the combination added to it once a day or the seeds themselves can be charged with the combination. We would love to have feedback from you on this Sanjeevini.