SSC 40 Addictions Combination  

SSC No Combination for  BPS, DS & SSC Combinations included

SSC 40


(Basic Combination)

SSC 70   Sai Sanjeevini Tonic Combination +
SSC 27   Liver Problems Combination

SSC 12   Cleansing & Kidney Combination +
DS 2       Addictions ( All types) Sanjeevini
DS 143   SAFE Sanjeevini
BPS 54   Whole Body Sanjeevini




SSC 40 (a)

Alcohol Related Addictions

SSC 40  Addictions Combination
DS 151  Addictions (Alcohol Related) Sanjeevini

SSC 40 (b)

Caffeine Related Addictions

SSC 40  Addictions Combination
DS 152  Addictions (Caffeine Related) Sanjeevini

SSC 40 (c)

Nicotine Related Addictions

SSC 40  Addictions Combination
DS 153  Addictions (Nicotine Related) Sanjeevini

SSC 40 (d)

Drug Related Addictions

SSC 40   Addictions Combination
DS 154  Addictions (Drug Related) Sanjeevini 

SSC 40 (e)

Computer related

SSC 40   Addictions Combination
DS 154  Addictions (Drug Related) Sanjeevini 

SSC 40 (f)

Phone Chats  related

SSC 40   Addictions Combination
DS 198   Addiction (Phone chats) Sanjeevini

SSC 40 (g)


SSC 40   Addictions Combination
DS 199   Addiction (TV ) Sanjeevini

SSC 40 (h)


SSC 40   Addictions Combination
SSC 59   Removal of Negative Emotions Sanj
DS 259   Respect for Women Sanjeevini
DS 204   Control of Senses (indriya nigraha) Sanj
DS 166   Entities Sanjeevini
DS 169   Forgiveness Sanjeevini
DS 195   Lust Sanjeevini
DS 251   Discrimination Sanjeevini
DS 208   Determination Sanjevini
DS 263   Yearning for Selfless Service
DS 264   Yearning for Spiritual Wisddom
BPS 54   Whole Body Sanjeevini 


The prayer in all these is to remove dependency by healing the underlying deeper causes and to subsequently create an aversion.

An important part of trying to overcome addictions are affirmations and mantras. Visualising (imagination) can also play a very important role,

DS 40 (a) Alcohol Related Addictions

Use for addiction to any alcohol related substance - be it beer, rum, whisky, wine, liqueur, vodka, feni or locally or home brewed stuff.

DS 40 (b) Caffeine Related Addictions

Use for addiction to coffee, tea, chocolates (and chocolate flavoured drinks, ice creams etc), colas and anything that you know has caffeine.

DS 40 (c) Nicotine Related Addictions

Use for addiction to cigarettes, cigars, bidis, hukka, tobacco, gutka and paan or paan-masala chewing or anything that you know has nicotine.

DS 40 (d) Drug Related Addictions

Use for addictions to all kinds of drugs including sleeping pills and all "mental" drugs medically prescribed in addition to heroin, marijuana, etc.

Important : For medically prescribed drugs, please do not discontinue the drugs - as the underlying condition improves (please treat the underlying causes with the Sanjeevinis simultaneously e.g. depression or epilepsy), the drug should be slowly reduced only under the direct guidance of your medical doctor and over a long period tapered off and discontinued as the situation demands.

DS 40 (e) Computer Related Addictions

This is an addiction which many of us are not even aware of.

Use this whenever there is a continuous obsessive urge to stay connected with other people through chat, skype or email. Social media sites can be used very productively to expand and share one’s knowledge and understanding in subjects of interest which could be secular or spiritual. When it becomes an addiction, we can lose touch completely with our inner self by

Computers are of course a necessity in almost every field of work. It is the obsession to chat, skype or email on the computer that becomes an addiction for many of us. This Sanjeevini prayer is to be used for overcoming this addiction.

DS 40 (f) Phone chats related Addictions :

An enormous amount of time and mental energy is frittered away in purposeless phone chats by many of us. Very often these chats are focused on talking ill of others which pollutes our consciousness with negativity, creates mental unrest and blocks our spiritual growth.

DS 40 (g) Television related Addiction :

Baba has been calling television as tele-vishum ( tele-poison) since decades. It is only in recent years that medical specialists, educationist and sociologists are declaring TV as the chief cause of several behavioural and mental disorders amongst children and adults and the root cause of the phenomenal increase in crime and violence in every society.

TV programs are available now 24/7 and even little children are smart enough to tune in to different channels. How should parents exercise control over the children’s TV viewing, its content and duration?

The most effective way to do this is for Parents to set a wonderful example through their own self discipline in watching minimal TV and also watching only good wholesome programmes which they know will not pollute the subtle home environment in which the children are being brought up. Programmes watched should be educative, morally and spiritually uplifting.

Unfortunately many parents try and fool their children by watching late night movies or serials whilst the children are asleep. In fact parents must get rid of even traces of desire to watch any trashy programme in the childrens absence.

Parents must develop discrimination and self discipline on this important issue if they expect their little children to be discriminative and disciplined in this aspect. The same rules must apply on the use of internet which can be used productively for enhancing one’s knowledge and skills or for polluting one’s mind by visiting trashy sites.

DS 40 (h) Pornographic Addiction: This is one of the most sinister addictions that is spreading like a deadly virus in the consciousness of hundreds of millions of children and adults in every society of every country worldwide. Please read the document Sanjeevini Combination for Pornographic Addiction which gives details on what is this addiction , how endemic it is and also shares a few healing suggestions.