SSC 20 Female Problems Combination  

SSC No Combination for  BPS, DS & SSC Combinations included

SSC 20

Female Problems


(Basic Combination)

SSC 70 Sai Sanjeevini Tonic +
BPS 16 Female Sanjeevini +
BPS 13 Endocrine System Sanjeevini +
BPS 60 Ovaries Sanjeevini  


SSC 20 (a)

Leucorrhoea (vaginal discharge)

SSC 20  Female Problems Combination +
DS 75 Leucorrhoea Sanjeevini +
BPS 60 Ovaries Sanjeevini


SSC 20 (b)

Puberty (girls)

SSC 20 Female Problems Combination +
DS 105 Puberty (girls) Sanjeevini.

SSC 20 (c)


SSC 20 Female Problems Combination +
DS 82 Menopause Sanjeevini.

SSC 20 (d)

Menstrual Disorders

SSC 20 Female Problems Combination +
DS 83 Menstrual Disorders Sanjeevini

SSC 20 (e)


SSC 20 Female Problems Combination +
DS 100 Pregnancy Sanjeevini.

SSC 20 (f)


SSC 20 (e) Pregnancy Combination
DS 30 Childbirth Sanjeevini.

SSC 20 (g)

 Threatened Miscarriage

SSC 20 (e) Pregnancy Combination +
SSC 6 Bleeding combination +
DS 85 Miscarriage Sanjeevini +
DS 185 Vaccine Antidote combination +
DS 183 Tetanus Sanjeevini

SSC 20 (h)

 Fibroids, Tumours, Cysts and Growths

SSC 20 Female Problems Combination +
SSC 31 Pus & Drawing Combination +
DS 132 Tumours & Growths Sanjeevini

SSC 20 (i)

Prolapsed Uterus

SSC 20 Female Problems Combination +
DS 102 Prolapsed Uterus Sanjeevini +
BPS 6    Body Tissue Sanjeevini.

SSC 20 (j)

 Infertility (in the female)

SSC 20 Female Problems Combination +
DS 69 Infertility Sanjeevini +
DS 1 ACID Sanjeevini

SSC 20 (k)

Pre-Menstrual Tension

SSC 20 Female Problems Combination +
DS 178 Pre-Menstrual Tension Sanjeevini.+


SSC 20 (l)

Breast Cancer

SSC 22 (b) Cancers (all) Combination +
SSC 20 Female Problems Combination
BPS 9   Breast Sanjeevini

Please see SSC 22 (i) under SSC 22 Glands Combination

Notes on a few Sub Combinations of SSC 20 Female Problems Combination

.SSC 20 (b) Puberty (girls)

During puberty (10 to 16 years of age) girls go through biological changes which, if not handled with care can cause many permanent changes in their nature causing them to throw tantrums and become complete rebels.

It is a very crucial point in their lives. Most parents do not understand that often what these girls do and say is not their fault but only a consequence of the biological changes. They need a lot of patience and delicate handling at this point. Being tough and bringing the stick down on them is not going to help. They are discovering new things about their feelings and sensations and need support from mothers to understand what is happening.

Dosage : BD - twice a day as a preventive.

You can always increase the dosage to QDS - Four times a day if needed.

SSC 20 (c) Menopause

We are told that hot flushes, erratic menstrual cycle and flow, shifting moods, sudden onset of rheumatism and arthritis, change in eating patterns (eating all the time!), vertigo, occuring between the age of 35 and 50, can be signs that menopause is round the corner. None of these symptoms need necessarily occur but we have all been programmed to "expect" them - so they happen. Menopause CAN be a painless process!

Dosage :TDS

SSC 20 (d) Menstrual Disorders

- To be taken for 2-3 months. TDS - three times a day

SSC 20 (e) Pregnancy

To be taken for all 9 months and continued for a further 3 months after delivery. For nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, please add DS 138 Vomiting Sanjeevini.

Dosage : TDS

SSC 20 (e) Childbirth

To be given 8th month onwards.

Dosage : TDS - three times a day

SSC 20 (f) Threatened Miscarriage

Give this in water to be sipped frequently. The patient must take complete bed rest. Keep 2-3 pillows below the feet in order to raise the level of the feet. Ice bag on the abdomen. Fast for a day so that the body does not have to exert in any way.

SSC 20 (f) Fibroids, Tumours, Cysts and Growths

Add BPS 9 Breast Sanjeevini to this combination if the problem lies in the breast.

Dosage : six times a day

SSC 20 (f) Infertility (in the female)

Dosage : BD i.e twice a day

For infertility in males please see SSC 29 Male Combination .

SSC 20 (g) Pre-Menstrual Tension -

Take three doses a day for 2-3 months. When and if the problem does come take this combination in water as frequently as required. If there is pain please add the SSC 18 Emergency Combination.

Recommended Reading:

"Reclaiming Our Health" by John Robbins - ISBN 0-915811-69-3 Published by H.J. Kramer Inc. (who also authored "Diet for a New America") has a wonderful section (in fact the major part of the book) on the subject of how women are misguided, misinformed and often misused by vested interests. This book is a "must read" for every woman, medical practitioner, healer and anyone wanting to make an informed choice on women's health issues in particular and cancer treatment in general.