SSC 18 Emergency Combination  

SSC No Combination for  BPS, DS & SSC Combinations included

SSC 18



(Basic Combination)

SSC 70 Sai Sanjeevini Tonic Combination
DS 48 Emergency Sanjeevini

DS 91 Pain Sanjeevini +
DS 37 Cramps Sanjeevini


This is a basic Combination which is often required. It can be given separately or added to any Combination when the occasion requires it. Give in water for frequent sipping when there is an emergency like asthma attack, heart attack, accident, emotional shock due to any reason etc.

Also use it for any other emergency like financial, security threat etc. 

Emergency Sanjeevini prayer is like an SOS call to the Lord for urgent help, guidance and healing.

Please make sure that you seek medical help urgently for all medical emergency cases. 

Take this Combination along with the medication given by your doctor.