SSC 3 Anaemia Combination   

SSC No Combination for  BPS, DS & SSC Combinations included




(Basic Combination)


SSC 1 Sarva Shakti Shanti Combination+
SSC 60 Awakening of DivineValues Combination +
SSC 12 Cleansing & Kidney Combination +
DS 6 Anaemia Sanjeevini
BPS 5  Blood Sanjeevini
BPS 46 Spleen Sanjeevini
DS 185 Vaccine Antidote Sanjeevini

Anaemia can actually be caused by milk.

It is common for medical advice even in this day and age to include milk, meat and eggs. This is folly. What the body cannot digest will only produce toxins. That is, a bigger burden for the already run down body. What looks like good nutrition in the laboratory does not necessarily look good inside the body which cannot digest it.

In fact it doesn't even look good in the laboratory! We have long been sold a myth by the dairy, meat, and egg industry, that these foods are the richest sources of iron and protein. The truth is, ounce for ounce, daals, lentils and beans are richer in protein than any of these foods.

As far as iron is concerned 50 gallons of milk contains as much iron as a bowl of spinach. Milk drinkers - please don't rush off and have a bowl of spinach in addition to your glass of milk - the milk does not allow your body to absorb the iron from the spinach! Stop the milk and cleanse your insides with a lemon-water-and- honey drink twice a day. Then the spinach is wonderful.

Supplement the treatment with Sai Protein Food (see recipes).

Please read “WHY IS MILK INDIGESTIBLE NOW?” in the Diet and Life Style section. It highlights the gruesome treatment meted out to cows in most Dairies and shares with the reader the spiritual reasons for why milk may be the cause of several ailments in today’s environment.


In this book a few aspects of natural and spiritual understanding of living in tune with nature are shared. This book is not a treatise in natural and spiritual healing. Its purpose is to bring into your awareness in a humble way, the natural and spiritual approach to wholistic health.

You must make your own informed food and lifestyle choices and other choices related to your health based on the guidance given to you by your medical doctor/nutritionists who understand your immediate and chronic problems best, and of course based on your own experience and understanding of the interconnectedness of all life in the spiritual realm.